Squared Rainbow Concept [Project 27]

Somewhere Over the Rainbow,  Bluebirds Fly  . . .

Photoshop concept drawing for ‘Squared Rainbow’ window — draft 1.

The first frame has been ready for a few days [geez, a week really] but I’ve been waffling about the design for the newest porch window.

A few things I considered when designing:

  • at 68″ wide [37″ high], this area, as well as the one beside it, are the largest windows in the porch;
  • this window is opposite the bench in the porch so a large area of clear is needed for viewing the garden & dogs;
  • I wanted a traditional came design with a modern twist;
  • each vertical section has its own frame & is installed independent of the other sections [similar to the Modular Window — Project 23];
  • I want the leaded edges to have spots of colour among a gorgeous white irridescent opaque glass I picked up on sale.

My inspiration for the rainbow edge came from this gorgeous window by Robert Jekyll Stained Glass at Artists in Stained Glass.

The “Spectral Arch” © [Robert Jekyll] was installed in 1985 at the Calgary Centre for the Performing Arts — my hometown.

I was working downtown in the ’80s & was often at the Performing Arts Centre — but I don’t remember seeing this gorgeous window.  😐

I do remember the wondrous windows in our church — just a few blocks away [How Love Starts: Knox United Church].

But maybe the beauty of this more modern design has been sitting in my subconscious simply waiting . . .

The flashed glass in the Spectral Arch [© Robert Jekyll] was acid-etched & epoxy laminated — my rainbow will be made in the traditional method with stained glass enclosed in lead cames.

I played around with my concept in Photoshop & added another row all around:

Adding another row allows more rainbow colours — but is there enough clear to see through to the garden?  [Concept C]

Maybe, if this was mostly an art piece, . . . but this is a major viewing window to the outdoors.  So, what if I made it two rows all around?

I could make it symmetrical all around — bright, but is it a little boring?  [Concept B]

Hmm,  . . . I don’t know.  I went back to the original draft, added a few darker colours, & detailed areas for the white iridescent glass:

The least complicated design [therefore quickest to make] — with a little style.  [Concept A]

These colours are more realistic to my current glass selection — I’ll simply go with my instinct.

I’m quite excited to get started on the first pane — top right.  The ½” lead came is cut & the first corner squared.  I know what part of the colour wheel for the glass.  Now it’s time to cut the glass & assemble.

Especially with this window, I can’t wait to get to the final stage — puttying all the glass edges.  Usually, the putty I use is a creamy white.  Now, I can buy black putty to better match the lead came, or, as Carole at Glass-Smith told me, add some pigment to make my own grey-black putty.

TIP:  pigment is not the same as paint — I found this out the hard way.  Pigment is the dry colouring agent that is mixed with the medium — liquid being Paint.

Aha!  So, that’s why my putty turned into an icky zebra mush when I coloured it with a glossy black craft paint!  😉

Turns out Opus Framing & Art Supplies is just across the bridge from my son’s place, so I stopped by for a delightfully inexpensive visit.  After checking for outdoor use, . . . then humming & hawing over several gorgeous colours, I got this ‘pearlized’ pigment in a gorgeous turquoise:

Jacquard Pearl Ex Pigments in blue/green [$6.90] from Opus Art Supplies.

The directions on the label say it can be mixed into the medium or dry-brushed on afterward.  Since I can’t imagine going back over every putty line with a tiny artist brush, I’ll mix it in before puttying.

I can’t wait to see the effect — will it really sparkle a little bit?  Will the turquoise edging highlight the rainbow like I imagine?  Awesome fun.  😆

I’ve never tried a poll before but I’d be very interested in your opinion [results may or may not determine the final window design  😉 ].  Would you like to vote?

Thank-you so much  🙂

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle



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