Glass Garden Corner Grows

A repair to the septic tank pump meant the wooden frame [from the back of an old pickup truck] had to moved — not that I wasn’t happy with that — what an eyesore!

Since the blackberries were starting to encroach on my glass corner, it was the perfect spot to trim them way back, sorta level the platform in there, & fill with potted tomato plants.

Next was to clean out an old ‘Hope Chest’, add a little box in front of it, then plant lilies & gaura. Fill in with assorted goodies like a couple of urns with begonias, ‘Canada Day’ petunias, glass panels & other decorative items — the glass garden corner grows.

It’s all beautified, as well as enlarged, the yard — the dogs are quite pleased with a little bit more ‘lawn’ area. Lady especially loves drinking the water that collects in their old feeding dishes — so what if it’s got a little dirt in it from the tomatoes above.

Now, onto a long-awaited project — a fountain using glass for the water to flow over. Just a few aesthetic kinks to work out …

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