Rainbow Glass Planter

Rplanter close 20180516

My Spring Project Start-Up is completed & planted with herbs.  The Rainbow Planter is a bottomless base made from old shelf boards with two panels from my Rainbow Window attached to one corner.  I put it in the corner of the yard where the blackberries grow to massive heights — they will take over the yard if not tamed.  I’ve already found a young sprout reaching up from inside the planter that had to go.

Rplanter far 20180516The blackberries have certainly recovered well from the massive damage from heavy snow this past winter.  Although I water the rest of the garden in bare feet, I don’t dare go out to that corner sans shoes.  Too many times I’ve been surprised by tiny branches of blackberries snaking their way through the grass — man, those thorns hurt!  And a teeny barb can get imbedded in your foot if you step on it — oh **!!**!

In the Rainbow Planter, I planted a tomato in the centre with peppermint [helps keep away spiders] at the two side corners & basil in the front.  The peppermint does like to spread so I’ll have to keep an eye on it — I’m hoping it’ll also spread out underneath to appear outside the planter.

I planted some lavender in the Oceans Wave Planter for experimenting with infusing for a peppermint & lavender household spray.  To go along with the basil for cooking, I have a little thyme that survived the winter, chives, & parsley.  Still have a few planters to fill so, this week … maybe, strawberries & cilantro?

The spring garden is starting to fill up with more colour & I always love this time of year as a gardener.  There is the excitement of seeing new growth appearing on old friends & the deep satisfaction of getting your hands in the dirt to plant new friends.  Even though they’re considered an ‘invasive species’, I love it when the Scotch Broom blooms.  A couple branches provided roasting sticks for the fire & their left-over flowers filled my vase for a couple days.

yard fire 20180517



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