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Rainbow Window Opens Up View [Project 27]

Whew, I’m sorry for being late in documenting my latest projects — family matters have been taking up a lot of my time.  This window has been up for a couple of weeks & I’m loving it!

The Squared Rainbow window is cheerful with colour yet the clear centre affords an expansive view outside.

I’m blown away that my simpliest [a.k.a. easiest] window design, Squared Rainbow, makes such a dramatic difference to the porch.

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Rainbow Start A Little Off [Project 27]

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The far right panel of the Squared Rainbow window is installed. Making each section was quite easy — after all, it’s all straight-line cutting. I finished the bottom section in less than a day — 3 hours not including break … Continue reading


Squared Rainbow Concept [Project 27]

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow,  Bluebirds Fly  . . . Photoshop concept drawing for ‘Squared Rainbow’ window — draft 1. The first frame has been ready for a few days [geez, a week really] but I’ve been waffling about the design … Continue reading