Corner Glass Planters Sparkle

Corner planters dressed 20180529

Spring has arrived on the Isle — right on schedule with the Equinox. It’s that time of year to get out in the garden — find out what survived the winter and envision what to plant this Purple Wave level 20180522season.

I like my corner with the Rainbow Glass Planter, the Ocean Waves Planter, and the Purple Wave window turned planter along the side of the yard.

This window goes from black and dark purple at the bottom to lighter purple and gold in the middle to yellow and frosted clear at the top. I love how the colours have a different sparkle throughout the day as the sun rises and sets.

There’s nothing left of last year’s pink geraniums, tomato plant, or green pepper plant so it’s a clean slate waiting for some beauty. Not completely sure what’s going to fill it but I want to plant some yellow annuals and maybe some bulbs if I hop to it. Since last year’s one pepper was no bigger than my thumbnail and some critter got at the tomatoes, no veggies in here this year. The garden centre will provide inspiration for some pretty flowers.

corner portrait 20180528The lavender in the Oceans Wave is doing fine so that planter needs nothing — there is some mint left in the Rainbow planter but that one still has room for something else. Means more excitement for me while traveling through garden centres.

Then there’s a number of pots — in this corner and throughout the yard — that I will fill in the next month or so. Two or three will be tomato plants and although I’m not always successful, I do like to plant one or two other vegetables.

I need more herbs — the oregano and chives are back but my thyme is looking quite bedraggled. Neither the poor basil or parsley made it at all. For sure I’ve got to replace the thyme — it is my favourite — but I’d also like to try some cilantro, rosemary, and maybe some sage this year.

Spring fever has struck. Now, when do I make my first visit to the garden centre?

Vanessa Dawne Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle



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