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Entrance Transformation

Colourful glass & paint have transformed my entrance into a magical delight — click photo to see more at Dawne Design.  😉

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional wood art on Vancouver Isle



Rainbow Window Opens Up View [Project 27]

Whew, I’m sorry for being late in documenting my latest projects — family matters have been taking up a lot of my time.  This window has been up for a couple of weeks & I’m loving it!

The Squared Rainbow window is cheerful with colour yet the clear centre affords an expansive view outside.

I’m blown away that my simpliest [a.k.a. easiest] window design, Squared Rainbow, makes such a dramatic difference to the porch.

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CityScape Window Adds Interest [Project 28]

I love all the gorgeous colours that make up the buildings in the CityScape window.

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CityScape Starts From Scraps [Project 28]

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Well, thanks to Miss Mollie, my room-mate’s dog, I had to put the Squared Rainbow window on hold & start a new one.  The great porch protector does not like all this glass replacing the plastic — she needs a … Continue reading


Rainbow Start A Little Off [Project 27]

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The far right panel of the Squared Rainbow window is installed. Making each section was quite easy — after all, it’s all straight-line cutting. I finished the bottom section in less than a day — 3 hours not including break … Continue reading


Sparkling Turquoise Putty [Project 27]

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I never did a day’s work in my life.  It was all fun. Thomas A. Edison After mixing the dry pigment into the white putty, I had a gorgeous turquoise mess!  The camera didn’t pick up the sparkly shine to … Continue reading


Squared Rainbow Concept [Project 27]

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow,  Bluebirds Fly  . . . Photoshop concept drawing for ‘Squared Rainbow’ window — draft 1. The first frame has been ready for a few days [geez, a week really] but I’ve been waffling about the design … Continue reading

Dowel Opening Windows [Project 26]

Number 5 window in place — only 4 more to go!

The newest window addition to the porch has two small panels that open by swiveling on wooden dowels set in the top & bottom frames.

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Modular Window Concept [Project 23]

Concept drawing [Photoshop] of window with modular panels made & installed separately.

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Baby Steps Provide Productive 2011

Celebrate what you want to see more of.
Tom Peters

The porch entrance is alive with colour.

Everywhere I look in this old, not-so-mobile home, I see the beautiful colours of my work from 2011.

While my friend, Reddie, worked on his carpentry skills, I enjoyed designing furniture & windows using gorgeous stained glass.

I’m amazed at what can be achieved with baby steps & a year:

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Architectural Glass Adds to Door [Project 14]

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Glass panels installed in bottom of porch door.


Green Trees Sliders Fini — for now [Project 17]

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‘Green Trees’  Sliding Windows — 2 outside, fixed panels of trees in textured clear glass with green glass patches completed — 2 inside all-clear sliding panels temporary.


Green Trees Sliding Windows part 1 [Project 17]

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First panel in ‘Green Trees’ window set reflects nature outside. I’ve finished the left stationary window in the new set of porch windows — another stationary one will go on the right, with two sliding windows going in the middle. … Continue reading


Seeing Clear Through [Project 14]

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With the arbor & porch lights, we have a magical entrance.  😎 Now that I’ve done a few glass projects with lots of bright colours — closet, headboard, shutters, & windows — it was time to do a window in … Continue reading

Double Mosaic Windows [Project 11]

So beautiful throughout the day.  😎

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Window Mosaic Startup Looking Good [Project 11]

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It’s quite exciting to see my latest project taking shape: Continually inspiring me, the two glass sections are sitting in a living room window while