Moving Furniture Creates Zones

My desk & chair fit perfectly under the glass shutters.

I know I ask a lot of this skinny mobile home but by moving a couple of key pieces of furniture, I formed zones for:

  1. a skinny area for both desks along wall with corner bookcases & glass shutters,
  2. a larger tv/conversation area in the middle with the couch & entertainment centred & the two Ikea chairs forming a U,
  3. my glass work area with tons of shelves stretching into the kitchen.

Quite a few problems were fixed.  Now, there’s a nice flow through the 26′ x 11′ space.  Now, there’s enough seating when a visitor comes over without having to move a chair into place.

And now, I have room for another shelving unit in my glass work area — of course, I have to buy the lumber & get it built first.  😉

My work table was piled high with junk but eventually I did find a place for [just about] everything.

It’s ready now for the start of my next commission — a 14″ x 18″ panel.

I’m excited to get going on this one because I’m going to experiment with depth of perception by grouping small glass pieces among the larger pieces in the design.

Hopefully, the idea in my head can be translated by my hands to the lead & glass design, … hmmm, we’ll see.

I was quite surprised my drafting table fit so well under the shutters but with its tiltable top & movable sides, it was no problem to lower it.

I especially love my ceramic crane with the stained glass panels of the shutters as a background.

Day or night, the sleekness of the bird’s neck & head is beautiful.  And I have a wonderful new writing spot.

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle



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