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Like so many DIYers, I get a lot of inspiration from gorgeous pictures available on the wonderful world wide net.  Here’s a few that I love:

Holly at decor8 has again done a wonderful job inspiring me with a problem I’ve had mulling around in my mind [like forever].  She recently introduced some wonderful finds from SlowWood in the Netherlands:

I love the natural wood tops, the gorgeous blue legs [bottom left], but especially, the 3-walled desk with the trestle legs [bottom right].

And SlowWood has exacting information available for each piece of this MUN collection:

SlowWood site offers a lot of detailed information.

They even provide a downloadable PDF file with drawings of various views & detailed measurements [in cm].  Bonus — the PDF has layers for different print options.

SlowWood’s PDF file [without measurements] Photoshopped with my old drafting table.

I’ve had this wonderful drafting desk since I started university in 2001.  I found it at the local thrift shop for $15 & lugged it 10 blocks back to my teeny converted trailer where it took up a full quarter of my living/bedroom.

I loved the drafting tilt hardware then but don’t need it so much since I make final drawings on my computer now.  And the shelving unit underutilizes the space beneath the 3’x2′ top.

This baby definitely needs a make-over — but how?  I need a place more for paper work like filing, receipts, conception drawings, & sometimes my MacBook.  There’s no desk drawer so all those little odds & ends are in different containers spread out everywhere.

So, my inspiration is complete — I’m designing my desk to combine the SlowWood MUN 15 desk top, some combo of shelves & doors [including some glass, of course] for the bottom like this Pottery Barn desk:

PBTeen Chelsea desk & hutch in turquoise.

And I really like this little secretary desk Jen recently showcased at iheartorganizing — maybe I’ll add a fold-up top [yup, I’ll still need to hide a mess!].

I love the folding top of Jen’s dream desk from her Dream House Tour.

I’ll have to draw something up in Photoshop and maybe SketchUp — after the porch window, after the bedroom shutters, after another commissioned abstract, after . . .  😆

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle


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