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I am a young 60-odd-yr-old with three sons & six grandchildren spread from here on the Isle to northern BC to north & southern Alberta.  Grandchildren are a great joy — but they’ve also brought an awakening in my life.  I’m sure I learn more from them than they do from me.

I realized a long-time goal & spent my 50s attending the University of Victoria part-time, taking courses in various areas including Medieval Art & History, Anthropology, English & Copyediting, and Arts & Design, for my Bachelor of Arts.  These areas of study have added embroidery to my mathematical programming, design, analysis, & project managements skills from over 20 years working in the computer industry.

I have always had a special connection with animals — have a wonderful black lab [Lady Daisy May] & a killer cat [Pardus] who rules our roost.  The Pacific Ocean off Vancouver Island is our paradise playground.

The beautiful nature of the Isle inspires me &  I tend to live away from the cities so we have easy access to this bounty.

I love the brilliant colours of stained glass & how they’re constantly changing with the different light.  It began as a child on Sundays How Love Starts: Knox United Church.  I find the art techniques — essentially the same as in medieval times — fascinating & relaxing.

I prefer to express myself in window & door projects using the lead came method — although once in awhile I will do a smaller project in copperfoil.

I enjoy design in all its forms — glass, interior, furniture, graphic, landscape, …  Life is so much better when it’s uniquely planned to be organized & aesthetically pleasing — seamlessly flowing with the beauty of nature.

I hope you enjoy my work.

Vanessa Dawne Glass Design

Functional glass art on Vancouver Isle






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