Modular Window Concept [Project 23]

Concept drawing [Photoshop] of window with modular panels made & installed separately.

It all started . . . with this stunning piece of art glass — a clear ripple with green, plum, & blue tissue-paper-looking triangles & skinny strips of black rods infused throughout.

This baby was expensive.  😮  The original price for the 9¼” x 20″ scrap piece was $42.00!  Even with more than 40% off, this little beauty cost me $24.00.

You buy glass by the square foot — this gorgeous stuff usually sells for $35 so it’s quite a deal at $19.  Still, considering I usually pay about $10 per sq. ft. for art glass, this is super special glass!

Since completing three windows & the entrance door to the porch, the outside window — still with some plastic — was looking pretty shabby.  I hadn’t planned on making this window until the inside of the porch was done & was still working on Blue Menagerie [Project 21] — so an easy & speedy solution was needed.

Along with my special art glass, I also had a beautiful piece of turquoise/green that I wanted to use whole, so I designed a geometric pattern around those pieces.  [It meant a slighty narrower green panel on the right — do you have a sharp eye?]

A few choices drawn in Photoshop help me determine glass colours & wood spacing — I like the symmetry of the third one.

Each wood panel has its own 1″ x 2″ routered frame — the inside horizontal pieces have grooves routered on both sides.  The grooves are about 3/8″ deep to ensure a good lip for the glass.

My time spent on the whole window was minimal — after a couple hours on concept drawings, I spent about 4 hrs cutting glass & about one hour on measuring — 7 hrs total.  But that “day’s work” was spread out over 17 calendar days.

It took only a couple minutes to cut the glass for each panel — a nice ‘break’ from all the curves in Blue Menagerie.

Reddie [my redneck carpenter] would spend an hour or two preparing the frame pieces for each panel — routering a groove in the fir lumber [1″x2″s], cutting the four sides to the correct measurements, & screwing three of the sides together.

Then he routered a second side on the remaining grooved lumber & cut the short pieces to fit horizontally.  All the pieces were stained & when dry, he delivered the whole ‘kit’ to me to measure & cut the glass [sorry, no photos].

After I fit the glass, it took Reddie a few minutes to screw the fourth side in place & set the whole panel in the open hole — each one temporarily rests against the original plastic frame.

The first panel is installed — resting against the plastic frame.

Altogether, he probably spent 8 hrs cutting & grooving — the install was the simpliest yet, so maybe an hour for that.

The middle panel — with the special glass — was installed a few days later.

Another few days & . . .

When the third panel was installed, the window felt almost finished.

Then, it was the two skinny panels with mostly clear glass:

First, one skinny panel installed.

And then, about 2½ weeks after starting — just a few days before Christmas — the final panel was installed:

The fifth & final panel is installed & the last bit of plastic removed.

And now the entrance to the porch is beautiful & is protected from the rain & wind.

The porch entrance now includes three windows & the door.

My collection grows:

The porch from the outside, with the three windows installed on the left & one installed near the far end on the right.

It all seemed so easy!  🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, it’s on to a special opening window at the far end, & I’ve got a cool idea for the next window from the entrance.

Stay tuned.

Vanessa Dawne Glass Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle




  1. That is such and incredibly unique project. I just love it!

    … would you like to share at our multi-blog “Imagine the Impossibilities” link party? I think everyone would really enjoy it as much as I …

    Here’s the link:

    We stay live until Friday midnight (CST). Hope to see you at the party!



  2. Hi lovely lady.
    You do some Beautiful work sweet lady. I would like to Follow you but you do not have a Button for followers. come see me some time ok.

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful week.
    XXOO Diane


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