Porch Cleanup √

MAKE IT HAPPEN! — Monday Status Report:

√   wk  4–> Porch Cleanup & Valance photos [link to be added]
√    wk  3–> Flower Power leaded [link to be added]
x    wk  2 –> Glass cutting/leading Flower Power
√    wk  1 –> Paint Bedroom Shutter Sliders — project #30 Elegant Blue Wonders

As an expert procrastinator, I am participating in Kristi’s Make It Happen! Monday, at Addicted2Decorating to finish one of those ‘hanging-around-never-done’ projects each week by committing to it here.

Last week, I had two projects on the list:  a simple one to finish — printing photos for the living room valance:

The left valance before photos.

I chose mostly blue pictures to fill the empty spots — [from left to right] Van Gogh’s Irises, my grandson, my grand-daughter with middle son, & one of Monet’s Waterlilies.  The light for the hydro garden was lowered for a better view of the valance photos.

The main task was a big start to beautifying the porch — cleaning out the junk:

This skinny porch was a catch-all for all sorts of stuff.

With most of the junk gone — I had to temporarily leave a soft chair for the cat & a few pillows for the dog 😉 — the first ‘skinny’ bench is tested for fit.

Now that I have quite a few windows in place, I’m getting excited to paint the porch this summer — ivory for the framing & a white-washed turquoise for the floor.  In the meantime we’ll be working on ‘skinny’ seating & storage.

Next Project

For the next month, I am preparing for an art show at the beginning of August.  I need 4 pieces so I’m committing to one a week here.

I’d like to do some smaller abstract panels in an assortment of colours — maybe to suit the seasons of the year.

For sure, one of them will be in blues with a tad of yellow like my first commission, Blue Menagerie [right].  I love the various hidden animals — whether they were intentional or not.

So, I’m looking at having most of the first one–probably reds, orange, & yellow glass–cut, leaded, soldered, & puttied by next week.

Check back next Monday [July 9th] to see how I do at Making It Happen.

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle


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