Elf Garden [Project 33]

I have quite a few empty picture frames sitting around — simply waiting for me to print photos in the right size & shape.  My excuse — the printer was low on coloured ink.  😐

Every day, I was getting more & more interested in the gorgeous collages I saw in Scrap Girls daily newsletters & on their website.  With each newsletter I had downloaded the free graphic, template, or paper texture — I was accumulating a nice collection of goodies.

Then, one day–quite awhile after getting ink cartridges–I decided I had to either do something or simply print out the photo as it was.  Geez, just fill that dull, blank frame!

Elf Garden

Using a favourite photo taken by my grand-daughter’s talented mom, I had a ton of fun in Photoshop adding a background, a few fairies, elves, & flowers, as well as some ‘Love’ to create Elf Garden [above].

I got all the embellishments from Scrap Girls — I already had lots of freebies by getting their daily & weekly newsletters & I spent a few dollars–like maybe $10 with taxes–for the fancy fairies, glittery butterflies, & a combo pack that included the flowers.

Then, I took a big gulp, printed it on matte photo paper, & cut it to fit:

My little elf framed — keeping company with a vase of sunflowers & a tea light bird cage.

She sits atop the entertainment tv, beside the ever-flourishing hydro garden.

While I was at it, I started a blue zone for my grandson:

A move of the red table means a new vignette — here my grandson sits among his simple garden with a less ornate bird cage.

With a school photo from a few years ago, his blue frame sat among some rarely used books [do I really need a French-English Dictionary when I can find it online?].  It only took a couple minutes to pick a couple of blue backgrounds & print them out with a layer of ivory fairies & elves on regular paper.

I cut the papers to be just a touch taller than the spine backs & as wide as possible.  Than I simply folded a piece over each of 3 books — if there was enough to fold it over the front & back cover, great!  Otherwise, I simply lay the paper flat & placed the next book on top.

I made three of the book covers [Photoshop] so the whole pile was in shades of blue — along with a few ivory butterflies, elves, & fairies.  😎

I love the co-ordinated effect with the dark blue spine of the book left uncovered.  I didn’t worry about the book titles because I know what books are hidden here.

The only problem is the shades of blue on the screen are not the same shades that the Canon printer produces.  The other colours seem pretty close but the blues are definitely off — the turquoise flowers in Elf Garden are more blue & the darker blues of the book cover appear purple.

Now, I have a wonderful photo of my grandson from his visit last month so I want to create something special to update his frame.  And I can’t wait to cover a few more books & even the DVD covers.

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle


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