Rainbow Window Opens Up View [Project 27]

This window has been up for a couple of weeks & I’m loving it!

The Squared Rainbow window is cheerful with colour yet the clear centre affords an expansive view outside.

I’m blown away that my simpliest [a.k.a. easiest] window design, Squared Rainbow, makes such a dramatic difference to the porch.

Sure, it is the widest window so far — only the one next to it, still in plastic, is as large.  And yes, it is mostly clear glass — especially the centre area.

But the dramatic difference comes about when I open the door from the house:

View from doorway of house is dramatically opened & brightened by the Squared Rainbow window.

Yes, the largely clear Green Trees window is directly across from the door, but when opening, my body [thus my viewpoint] is angled to the left, so it’s actually the Squared Rainbow that offers the wonderful view.

The window is directly across from the wicker chest I use as a bench:

The Squared Rainbow is directly across from the porch bench.

View of yard from bench looking left.

View from bench looking right.

I loved making this window — from using the pretty blue putty [see Sparkling Turquoise Putty] — to ensuring the lead came lines up [see Rainbow Start A Little Off].

Three panels–puttied & ready for cleaning–sit on the floor, awaiting wood frames.  The bottom left panel, on my work table, is ready for soldering.

The Squared Rainbow not only makes a big difference inside the porch, it changes the outside considerably:

The outside of porch before the Squared Rainbow was installed.

Outside of porch with Squared Rainbow installed.

Only two large windows remain to be filled — I have the designs in mind — but they’ll have to wait while I work on a couple of other projects.

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Love the rainbow colours !


Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle



  1. I love the glass window planter oh how beautiful it would be when the sun sparkles with the colour of the glass


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