Cleaning √


Yeah, late again!  Can’t seem to much right these days — exactly why I need to get better organized!  😉

CHECK IT √  — tuesday monday Status Report:

√   wk 14–> cleaning house & keeping it clean
√   wk 13–> CityScape framed & Purple Wave window installed
√  wks 12 through 1 –> please see Check It √  page index

Welcome to Check It √  Monday [originally started when Kristi, at Addicted2Decorating introduced Make It Happen! Mondays], where I hold myself accountable — for both finishing projects & posting at least once per week!

This Project

Not a lot of organizing got done but I did get some cleaning done this past week.  No glasswork but hey, I finally cleared the dirty dish pile & have kept the kitchen clean — quite an accomplishment for me.  [Providing an epiphany & inspiration for two posts at Dawne Thoughts — Where To Start? & Why I Hate Housework.]

With the wonderful summer-like weather the Isle’s been having, I’ve spent most of my days outside with Lady [right] or out in the porch enjoying the skinny bench:

The custom bench was made quite skinny because the porch is barely three feet wide — leaving an almost-normal path.  I’m still contemplating glass choices for the middle shelf of the tables & need a couple more paydays before purchasing more turquoise cubes [from Martha Stewart] for the bench shelf.

I especially love the view out the open door of CityScape across the driveway.

CityScape siting in stand as a backdrop for my ocean view spot.

I also got the bathroom cleaned [always an ucky chore], did some laundry, & even dusted [yup, only when it’s a blue moon].  Still, I felt slow & realized I’d been too ambitious last week considering I was still in recovery mode.

Next Project

Needless to say, the next week has to be about organization.  My list still includes:

  • make some appointments,
  • catch up on replying to emails,
  • publish more at Dawne Thoughts,
  • clean my room,
  • do some fall preparation in the gardens,
  • another mini-clean of the porch,
  • maybe a little less family or fun & a bit more work this week!  😛

I know — boooring.  But, it’s the things that HAVE to be done that I keep putting off.  And that just gets me more disorganized . . . which flusters me . . . which makes everything worse . . . which upsets me . . . which . . . you get the idea.

I have to make Onward & Upward my mantra this week.  Wish me luck!  😉

Check back next Monday [September 17th] to see how I do at Check It √  Monday!

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle


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