CityScape & Purple Wave Windows √


CHECK IT √  — Monday Status Report:

Yes, I know this is Wednesday — oops, let’s blame it on Labour Day, okay?  😎

√   wk 13–> CityScape framed & Purple Wave window installed
x   wk 12–> missed Saanich Fair due to illness  😦
√   wk 11–> Skinny Bench painted [link to be added]
√  wks 10 through 1 –> please see Check It √  page index

Welcome to Check It √  Monday [originally started when Kristi, at Addicted2Decorating introduced Make It Happen! Mondays], where I hold myself accountable — for both finishing projects & posting at least once per week!

This Project

While I did spend quite a few days down & out in bed, swapping out the CityScape panels [left] with the Purple Wave panels [right] in the porch did get finished.


For this Purple Wave window, I lined up the lead came in the larger, middle panel with the came lines on each of the smaller, side panels.

I really like how the clears, yellows & gold at the top, with the darker black & purples at the bottom, fit in well with the sidelights of the door at that end of the porch.

Now, if I could just get that dryer moved — the big question is where?
Still working on that
. . .

I really wanted a more modern look to the new wooden frame for the CityScape window, so it was spray painted with metallic paints — first a beautiful royal blue [Rustoleum] then a silver topcoat [Krylon].

CityScape in new frame with display stand.

 To enable it to stand on its own, two 2″x4″s were cut with a slot at about the one-third mark — this allows the back portion to carry the weight.

The bottom wooden pieces, painted glittery blue, have slots that allow the frame to lean slightly but keep it stable for displaying.

There was a bit of wind from the water & there was no wobbling at all.  The big test will come in late fall with the first big rain storm.

I love CityScape among the green & blue of the back yard — a beautiful focal point.  Even Lady thought it an interesting addition.

Seeing how beautiful it looked in the yard, I moved it to sit among my little area beside the house where I view the ocean — the perfect addition for beautiful contemplation.

CityScape makes a nice backdrop to my ocean-viewing spot — next spring flowers will be blooming from the wicker chest.

Plans are [were?] to move CityScape to a front corner of the yard, beside a sign advertising my custom glass services — but, hmm, I really love this beauty here!  It’s so cheery to see the bright colours from the porch, . . . I think I’ll simply make another one for the front . . . we’ll see.  😀

Next Project

The next week is all about organization.  I might work on a little smiley-face suncatcher for my grand-daughter — might even finish it — maybe.  😉

More importantly, I have to:

  • make some appointments,
  • catch up on replying to emails,
  • clean my room,
  • do some fall preparation in the gardens,
  • another mini-clean of the porch,
  • numerous visits/calls with sons & grandchildren,
  • all the regular fun with dogs, cat, & living in the country, along with the mess!  😛

Enough said?

Check back next Monday [September 10th] to see how I do at Check It √  Monday!

and maybe look for Check It √  Fun Friday where I look forward to my weekend plans!

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle



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