Green Trees Sliders Fini — for now [Project 17]

‘Green Trees’  Sliding Windows — 2 outside, fixed panels of trees in textured clear glass with green glass patches completed — 2 inside all-clear sliding panels temporary.

Middle panes slide, left or right, in groove [width of 2″x2″] in front of fixed panes.

The clear panes cover the fixed trees when slid all the way left & right.

The plan for the stained glass design in the middle panes is to have a little green at the bottom which, when open like this, would cover the clear parts in their respective trees.

When closed, the ends of the branches will run through the middle.  But I don’t have time now to complete them — later, alligator.

My gallery of windows in the porch — Lady likes the glass sliders much better than the old plastic.

Still a few more windows to make.  😉

From the outside, Green Trees seems to pale beside the multi-coloured windows, but inside, the definitely hold their own & are the focal point at the house doorway.

Two window sets demonstrate different framing styles, opening methods, & glass colours.

Each design has its own character yet does not compete with its neighbour.

I’ve started the design for the next windows but, for now, that’s on hold — I have panels to work on for my first commission & my grand-daughter’s 2nd birthday.

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I’m working on a tutorial to make these sliding windows — check back in 2012.

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle


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