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Calendula / Marigold or Calendula Officinalis

Using natural herbs, flowers, etc. for many health issues has always been something I’m interested in.

And, of course, in Medivel Art Studies we covered plenty on natural ingredients for dyes, staining, & colouring glass — I would so much like to check out using flowers, berries, etc. for use in colouring so many projects brewing in my brain.

Thanks so much for Gman’s Galaxy for introducing me to Calendula / Marigold.



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Designer Butterflies Tie It All Together

I’ve seen lots of beautiful designer pillows on the net that I would love — lots of gorgeous colours & patterns that cost lots of bucks.  Usually I pay $5-10 for decorative pillows, but . . .

My new butterfly pillows from Bombay — aren’t they gorgeous?

While on my way to my usual go-to store for quality linens at discount prices Continue reading Designer Butterflies Tie It All Together

Window Boxes Set For Spring [Project 29]

Along with lots of fresh green growth, the front rock garden has a couple daffodils blooming & about 10 buds on the way — thanks to improving the dirt & filling in a few bare spots last year.

With spring flowers adding beautiful colour everywhere & the Squared Rainbow window adding colour to the inside of the porch, flower window boxes on the outside add the finishing touch.

New planters seeded early April, with an assortment of annual flowers, wait for spring showers & sun.

Did you know you can get 3 packages of flower seeds for only $1 [yes, ONE dollar] at the Dollar Store?  So, $4 can get you a dozen packages!  That’s a lot of seeds!

Each window box is a simple 8 ft. long, open-top box made from 1x3s, then stained to match the window frames.  The front corners do not overlap — I’m designing little stained glass corners to hide a small watering line.

The boxes were filled with a rich mixture of organic soil & peat moss with bone meal then the seeds were randomly sprinkled on top.  I sectioned them by type–alyssum, marigolds, & mixed flowers–poking each one a tad into the soil.

10 days later — with implants from thinning flowers out back & growing seedlings inside — the boxes are full of little plants popping through the lush soil.  [No flowers, the little flecks of pink have blown in from the apple & plum tree blossoms.]

A few seedlings have stretched tall — I think these are marigolds.

The area where ‘mixed flowers’ were seeded is still a bit bare so a few marigold seedlings from inside were planted a couple days ago.

These orange & yellow beauties [blooming last summer] grow quite profusely along the house out back.

So, while pulling out the dead growth last week, I thinned a few babies out to plant in areas out front where not a single one can be found.

I put 2-3 small ones at each end of each window box.  If they surive, they will grow higher than the annuals but I doubt they’ll be profusive this year — hopefully they’ll spread on their own over the following seasons.

A tiny shoot, along with two medium bulbs, were moved from the back yard to, hopefully, spread further in each window box.

This fall I’ll plant some bulbs–crocus, tulip, lily–so less seeding will be required next spring.  For this year, it’s a daily delight to check on the babes’ progress & look forward to some summer blooms.

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle


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