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Creative Act XXI – Website Design

Awfully busy with eight, now 5-wk-old, puppies, I haven’t found much time to do much computer work other than post pictures of my little babies — & even those are a few days behind now.

But I did find an extra couple of quiet hours when I could start a website for friends who’d asked me over a month ago.  Of course, they’re very understanding, but I still wanted to at least get started & give them some options to look at.

It’s so nice to start creating again.


Puppies Galore

Well, I certainly haven’t been here much — what writing I’ve had time for has all been on Dawne Thoughts!  And that hasn’t been much — too busy moving & taking care of newborn Labrador pups.

It seems impossible with all the dogs I’ve had as companions through almost every year of my life, but it’s the first time I’ve been present at, & actively involved in, the birth of new life — other than my own three sons.  It was a glorious event — but just as nerve-wracking & worrisome as when I had my own children. Continue reading