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Elf Garden [Project 33]

I have quite a few empty picture frames sitting around — simply waiting for me to print photos in the right size & shape.  My excuse — the printer was low on coloured ink.  😐

Every day, I was getting more & more interested in the gorgeous collages I saw in Scrap Girls daily newsletters & on their website.  With each newsletter I had downloaded the free graphic, template, or paper texture — I was accumulating a nice collection of goodies.

Then, one day–quite awhile after getting ink cartridges–I decided I had to either do something or simply print out the photo as it was.  Geez, just fill that dull, blank frame!

Elf Garden

Using a favourite photo taken by my grand-daughter’s talented mom, I had a ton of fun in Photoshop adding Continue reading Elf Garden [Project 33]


Net Inspiration — Admin Desk

Like so many DIYers, I get a lot of inspiration from gorgeous pictures available on the wonderful world wide net.  Here’s a few that I love:

Holly at decor8 has again done a wonderful job inspiring me with a problem I’ve had mulling around in my mind [like forever].  She recently introduced some wonderful finds from SlowWood in the Netherlands:

I love the natural wood tops, the gorgeous blue legs [bottom left], but especially, the 3-walled desk with the trestle legs [bottom right].

And SlowWood has exacting information Continue reading Net Inspiration — Admin Desk

Creativity XXXVI — Happy Birthday to the Royal Couple


No, I don’t have my headline wrong.

As well as the British royal wedding of Prince William & Catherine Middleton, today is my Mom & Dad’s birthday. Yes, the same day — three years apart. Continue reading Creativity XXXVI — Happy Birthday to the Royal Couple

Beautiful Start to Large Glass Wall [Project 6 / 9]

The first much-needed bookcase is up!  Originally, I was thinking a regular [& I guess, boring] rectangle shape — but my carpenter wanted something ‘different’ & came up with this corner design.

Each shelf is a triangle [cut at 45° angle] with two side walls of 12″ wide pine board.  Until I saw it up in the house, I was unsure of the empty back in the corner, but books hide most of it & it turns out I like seeing some of the wall colour peeking through.

I absolutely love it!  I’m amazed at how much bigger the entire place looks.  I’m really glad I asked for it to be close to the ceiling.  Now your eye is lifted higher than the windows.

Because there’s less shelf space for books [but lots of little niches for ornaments], I made him promise to make me another one for the other corner.  I realized I could combine them with our idea for covering the window in the middle.

In Photoshop [Ps], I designed the wall to include:

  • glass doors on the bookcases, top & bottom;
  • a piece of stained glass at the top of each bookcase with a solar-powered light [or 2 or 4] behind it;
  • stained glass ‘colour-blocked’ shutters on the window;
  • rectangular mirror strips on wall.

The shutters will slide on the wood frame to become wall art when open.

Other colour schemes were considered — I thought gold or yellow would co-ordinate with the pine colour but it becomes the focal point for the eye.

The wall looks quite disjointed with these colours.  There is too much going on — the eye has no place to rest.

I also tried red but the only sample I have is way too bright.

Since the entertainment centre doors are blue, I’m going to stick with blue in three different shades for all the glass on this wall.  Perhaps the coffee tables or my desk units can be in different colours — but I’ll decide that when I get there.

The bookcase has a very small footprint — it only extends 18″ along each wall.  The storage is all in the corner — even more because it extends all the way to the ceiling.

I realized how under-utilized corners are — placing furniture straight in means the other wall is wasted, while placing furniture diagonally leaves a big space behind it wasted.

Up-till-now I’ve been having problems visualizing a workable floor plan for this long, narrow living room.  This idea of the corner bookcases has opened up whole areas of space — finally I see a glimmer of possibility.

Furniture Design [Project 7]

Photoshop image of 4-poster bed with side tables.


I absolutely love combining wood & glass.  The solidness of the wood juxtaposes strongly with the delicateness of the glass — yet wood can be delicate & glass is really quite strong.

I used Photoshop [Ps] to design simple wooden frames for my bed & side tables. Using photos of the fabric, I could place the bedding [bedskirt, duvet, & pillows], fabric headboard, & glass panel in the bed frame. Continue reading Furniture Design [Project 7]

Dawn Over Water [Project 1 / Creative Act XVII – Photoshop]

I created a new pattern for a stained glass project.  My very first project about 17 yrs ago was this dawn scene:

The original pattern & glass were provided by the instructor — a small business owner in Vanderhoof, BC.  But the glass available was mostly scraps she had — I liked the multi-orange piece for the sun but Continue reading Dawn Over Water [Project 1 / Creative Act XVII – Photoshop]

Creative Act XVI – Photoshop

My latest project — of course I ran out of time before the deadline — I wasn’t too happy with the way some of the snowflakes were scrunched at the top & they were in too much of a line to look natural [see bottom version].

Because there was something like 62 flakes, it took me awhile to find the ones I wanted to change.  Again, because there was so many, I decided to merge the first 30-odd layers under the ones I wanted to change — suddenly those flakes were all pure white! Continue reading Creative Act XVI – Photoshop

Creative Act XV — Graphic Art

When I was creating Act XIII & looking about Photoshop for butterflies [didn’t find them until after I used stars!], I found a tutorial to define my own shapes.  I created a 6-pane window for my next Art Design course assignment & have it available now to distort in height & width.

This started out when I used the shape tool to create one, then another in a different size, then different proportions, . . .  Next thing you know I have a “modern art” piece that I like:

Night Windows

I think I’ll come back to it later & play with other effects.  I could have different scenes peeking through the windows.  I might add a moon, etc.

Creative Act II — Digital Photography & Photoshop

Started with these images I took using a Nikon Coolpix digital camera; outside along Goldstream on way to Beacher Bay:

Imported & merged in Photoshop — 3 images at different horizon levels not match automatically; manually merge: [.psd files not supported by wordpress — converted to .jpg]

I’d like to apply other effects in Photoshop to one of the panoramas to clean up the merge lines, water colour, clouds, etc. then make it the header on my blog — further work is required.