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Christmas Lights Update Romantic Headboard [Project 7]

Medieval headboard stained glass panels lit from behind.

While shopping for Christmas lights, I found a string of ‘icicles’ that was only 4 ft. 6 in. long — the perfect length for behind my headboard.

And the icicles Continue reading


Raising the Sun Victoria Style [Project 7]

How else would a Victorian celebrate the Victoria Day long weekend than by raising beautiful stained glass sun rays?

Yup, my medieval bed with stained glass panels is finished!  😮

Gorgeous?  Oh yeah!  😎

Unique?  Most definitely!  😆

My vision has been made reality.  What more can I say?

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Sun Ray Panels Finished [Project 7]

This gallery contains 15 photos.

Yahoo!  😮 Yabba-dabba-doo  😆 My bed panels are finished — waiting to be framed.  😎 I soldered the first side of the panels, took out the nail supports, & gently [while holding my breath]


Time to Solder Bed Panels [Project 7]

This gallery contains 35 photos.

Yahoo!  😆 The leading is done on both glass panels for the headboard.  It’s cool to see the progress: Now I can solder all the meeting points — and add a little surprise.


Inching to Elegance [Project 7]

This gallery contains 31 photos.

Ooooh, my progress on the bed panels is exciting.  We’re headed for the straight-away now. Right now, I’m off to enjoy Mother’s Day with my loving son & the gorgeous sun on Vancouver Isle.  I hope all of you enjoy … Continue reading


Lead Brings Glass Together [Project 7]

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I’m quite excited to progress to leading the bed panels.  The first one has it’s left corner squared for the outside lead came & the first row is in. I’ve printed the cartoon [pattern] for the second panel — it’s … Continue reading


Waiting For the Sun [Project 7]

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Sometimes I feel like I am forever trying to achieve an unattainable goal — like reaching the sun. Then, I need to sit back [or down, as the case may be], review my progress, & set out a plan for … Continue reading


Exciting Finish Cutting Red [Project 7]

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Yahoo — all the glass is cut!  😆 With a little incentive from cutting the blue glass for the second corner bookcase door on my new project table, I set upon cutting the last colour for my headboard panels — … Continue reading

Colour Starts, & Slows, Cutting Race [Project 7]

I am quite pleased with my progress on the bed panels this past week.  I had produced the pattern & cut most of the blue glass [at Beautiful Start].   A pictorial summary:

I made a slight change in the border colours because I wasn’t happy with the white.  I want the panel to have a ying/yang feeling between the sky — in the traditional-style border with opaque blue tones of rectangles & squares — & the sun — in a more modern-style using rays & triangles in bright-tone colours. Continue reading


Start of Bed Panels [Project 7]

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😎 I love modern technology!  Usually, printing a document that covers more than one page in Photoshop [Ps] can be a real pain — you have to ‘manually’ move each 8½” x 11″ section [minus printer borders] to its own … Continue reading

Furniture Design [Project 7]

Photoshop image of 4-poster bed with side tables.


I absolutely love combining wood & glass.  The solidness of the wood juxtaposes strongly with the delicateness of the glass — yet wood can be delicate & glass is really quite strong.

I used Photoshop [Ps] to design simple wooden frames for my bed & side tables. Using photos of the fabric, I could place the bedding [bedskirt, duvet, & pillows], fabric headboard, & glass panel in the bed frame. Continue reading