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Designer Butterflies Tie It All Together

I’ve seen lots of beautiful designer pillows on the net that I would love — lots of gorgeous colours & patterns that cost lots of bucks.  Usually I pay $5-10 for decorative pillows, but . . .

My new butterfly pillows from Bombay — aren’t they gorgeous?

While on my way to my usual go-to store for quality linens at discount prices Continue reading Designer Butterflies Tie It All Together


Raising the Sun Victoria Style [Project 7]

How else would a Victorian celebrate the Victoria Day long weekend than by raising beautiful stained glass sun rays?

Yup, my medieval bed with stained glass panels is finished!  😮

Gorgeous?  Oh yeah!  😎

Unique?  Most definitely!  😆

My vision has been made reality.  What more can I say?

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Lead Brings Glass Together [Project 7]

I’m quite excited to progress to leading the bed panels.  The first one has it’s left corner squared for the outside lead came & the first row is in.

I’ve printed the cartoon [pattern] for the second panel — it’s waiting for me to glue it together so I can setup the leading in the first corner.  Squaring it is a bit tedious but it’s so important to do it right from the start or my whole panel will be out of whack.

This is the journey creating my headboard stained glass panels:

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I’ve got to the first piece that needs grinding — the dark blue for the top row is a tad wide.  First to make it an animal-safe zone.

Yes, of course Pardus grabs the best seat. 

Waiting For the Sun [Project 7]

Sometimes I feel like I am forever trying to achieve an unattainable goal — like reaching the sun.

Then, I need to sit back [or down, as the case may be], review my progress, & set out a plan for the next steps. Not simply to plan it in my head but Continue reading Waiting For the Sun [Project 7]

Exciting Finish Cutting Red [Project 7]

Yahoo — all the glass is cut!  😆

With a little incentive from cutting the blue glass for the second corner bookcase door on my new project table, I set upon cutting the last colour for my headboard panels — the gorgeous red with yellow streaks. Continue reading Exciting Finish Cutting Red [Project 7]

Colour Starts, & Slows, Cutting Race [Project 7]

I am quite pleased with my progress on the bed panels this past week.  I had produced the pattern & cut most of the blue glass [at Beautiful Start].   A pictorial summary:

I made a slight change in the border colours because I wasn’t happy with the white.  I want the panel to have a ying/yang feeling between the sky — in the traditional-style border with opaque blue tones of rectangles & squares — & the sun — in a more modern-style using rays & triangles in bright-tone colours. Continue reading Colour Starts, & Slows, Cutting Race [Project 7]

Start of Bed Panels [Project 7]


I love modern technology!  Usually, printing a document that covers more than one page in Photoshop [Ps] can be a real pain — you have to ‘manually’ move each 8½” x 11″ section [minus printer borders] to its own page.  Eeek.

[Actually, it’s amazing to me that Ps can’t do this because we had this technology in word processors in the 1980s!]

But now, with Adobe Reader v. 10 [free], it will ’tile’ a PDF page [that I created from my Ps page] into the proper number of printer pages.  I also use the cross-hatch option to cut off the border & line up the pages.

Making the 60 cm x 40 cm [~ 24″ x 16″] patterns to cut & assemble the bed panels turned out to be relatively easy — Yabba-dabba-do!

[The tile option is only offered on Adobe Reader version 10 & higher — you may have to update your software at Adobe Download.]

Excited, I started right away on cutting the light blue glass pieces.  I’m using the kitchen table [with my new cutting grid] to cut.

Then I’ve got the other pattern on a piece of hardboard on my drafting table, where I assemble the cut pieces.  Because I’m making two exactly the same panels, I’m cutting two of everything & stacking them together — when it comes to assembly, I’ll use two patterns.

It didn’t take long to cut these few pieces & I even managed to get all of them out of my smallest sheet — so I still have a 1′ x 2′ sheet left.  Always nice!

I started with the dark blue but was beginning to realize my back was aching from the lower table.

[Of course, this only sent my brain off on another design change to my project table.]  I kept on cutting & was quite pleased to get about 1/3 of them finished — although there is one or two that need a little grinding.

I had to return to other mundane chores, like dishes, so everything sits waiting for me.  Later, I almost starting cutting again, but it was after midnight & that would be a silly time to start something — not that I haven’t done it before!  😉

I’ll carry on this weekend — but first, a visit with my grand-daughter.  😎

Furniture Design [Project 7]

Photoshop image of 4-poster bed with side tables.


I absolutely love combining wood & glass.  The solidness of the wood juxtaposes strongly with the delicateness of the glass — yet wood can be delicate & glass is really quite strong.

I used Photoshop [Ps] to design simple wooden frames for my bed & side tables. Using photos of the fabric, I could place the bedding [bedskirt, duvet, & pillows], fabric headboard, & glass panel in the bed frame. Continue reading Furniture Design [Project 7]