Raising the Sun Victoria Style [Project 7]

How else would a Victorian celebrate the Victoria Day long weekend than by raising beautiful stained glass sun rays?

Yup, my medieval bed with stained glass panels is finished!  😮

Gorgeous?  Oh yeah!  😎

Unique?  Most definitely!  😆

My vision has been made reality.  What more can I say?

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Sun Ray Panels Finished [Project 7]

This gallery contains 15 photos.

Yahoo!  😮 Yabba-dabba-doo  😆 My bed panels are finished — waiting to be framed.  😎 I soldered the first side of the panels, took out the nail supports, & gently [while holding my breath]


Time to Solder Bed Panels [Project 7]

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Yahoo!  😆 The leading is done on both glass panels for the headboard.  It’s cool to see the progress: Now I can solder all the meeting points — and add a little surprise.


Colour Change Bumps Elegance Level Up a Notch [Project 3]

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I learned an important design lesson this week.  😮 It started last week when I went to Home Depot to pick up the one Martha Stewart fabric drawer in turquoise that I needed for my little bedroom unit. But whoa, … Continue reading


Inching to Elegance [Project 7]

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Ooooh, my progress on the bed panels is exciting.  We’re headed for the straight-away now. Right now, I’m off to enjoy Mother’s Day with my loving son & the gorgeous sun on Vancouver Isle.  I hope all of you enjoy … Continue reading


Lead Brings Glass Together [Project 7]

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I’m quite excited to progress to leading the bed panels.  The first one has it’s left corner squared for the outside lead came & the first row is in. I’ve printed the cartoon [pattern] for the second panel — it’s … Continue reading


I’m wondering if I would use this type of post?  Does it allow images in much the same way?  Would my logo appear better in a smaller size?  Is the formatting or font different?  Speaking of which, what’s up with the text colours in the sidebars?  Some blue, some black — there’s no where to set that!

This is an ‘Aside’ post.


Creative Changes — Exploring Gallery

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So, I’m a little confused.  This theme has the option to make the type of post a ‘Gallery’ which I think means only one of these images will show up on the home page. There’s also a couple other things … Continue reading


Creative Changes

You may have noticed a few changes around here. 😉 I’ve changed to a new WordPress theme with a few more features. 😮 I have a little bit of learning to do but I’m excited to make some improvements around … Continue reading


Creativity XXXVI — Happy Birthday to the Royal Couple

😉 No, I don’t have my headline wrong. As well as the British royal wedding of Prince William & Catherine Middleton, today is my Mom & Dad’s birthday. Yes, the same day — three years apart.


Waiting For the Sun [Project 7]

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Sometimes I feel like I am forever trying to achieve an unattainable goal — like reaching the sun. Then, I need to sit back [or down, as the case may be], review my progress, & set out a plan for … Continue reading


Exciting Finish Cutting Red [Project 7]

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Yahoo — all the glass is cut!  😆 With a little incentive from cutting the blue glass for the second corner bookcase door on my new project table, I set upon cutting the last colour for my headboard panels — … Continue reading


Double Corner Bookcases Expand Space [Project 6]

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The triangular bookcases fill the corners — expanding the space visually as well as physically. I was quite surprised when the first corner bookcase was installed — the whole room seemed to expand.  So, I thought I was prepared for … Continue reading


Glass Project Table Up & Working [Project 8]

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😮 What a difference a little bit [well, quite a bit] of storage can do!  I finished painting the two base units, my room-mate took off the legs & apron off the kitchen table, . . . then poof, my … Continue reading


Glass Project Table [Project 8]

This gallery contains 15 photos.

My inspiration from Pottery Barn. After a lot of humming & hawing about my desk area & what kind of units I need built, I found my inspiration at Pottery Barn in the Bedford Project Table Set.  Hey, it’s even … Continue reading

Colour Starts, & Slows, Cutting Race [Project 7]

I am quite pleased with my progress on the bed panels this past week.  I had produced the pattern & cut most of the blue glass [at Beautiful Start].   A pictorial summary:

I made a slight change in the border colours because I wasn’t happy with the white.  I want the panel to have a ying/yang feeling between the sky — in the traditional-style border with opaque blue tones of rectangles & squares — & the sun — in a more modern-style using rays & triangles in bright-tone colours. Continue reading


Start of Bed Panels [Project 7]

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😎 I love modern technology!  Usually, printing a document that covers more than one page in Photoshop [Ps] can be a real pain — you have to ‘manually’ move each 8½” x 11″ section [minus printer borders] to its own … Continue reading

Not Curtains, But . . .

One of my greatest pleasures of living in the country is that curtains are not needed for privacy.  I can undress in my bedroom with no worries of anyone seeing in the bare window.

The huge living room windows, facing the water-side of the property, let in glorious light that floods the whole place.  From the first day I got Lady, she has always slept with me on my bed — now I sometimes find her snoozing out there in the chair, soaking up the early morning sun.

The only reason to cover them would be to hide the ugly brown frames — if this was my place Continue reading


I’m Working On It

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from I’m Working On It I’ve been searching home stores, magazines, internet design sites — wracking my brain for some idea to cheaply cover the ugly carpets in this rental. Key words:  cheap and  rental — it has to be … Continue reading

Headboard Glass Panel Pattern [Project 7]

😀  Ah, finally — I finished the pattern for my bed panels.  I call it Red Sun at Night.

This Photoshop [Ps] rendering does not do justice to the colours & flow of the stained glass.  Continue reading


Beautiful Start to Large Glass Wall [Project 6 / 9]

This gallery contains 6 photos.

The first much-needed bookcase is up!  Originally, I was thinking a regular [& I guess, boring] rectangle shape — but my carpenter wanted something ‘different’ & came up with this corner design. Each shelf is a triangle [cut at 45° … Continue reading

ChristChurch Multiple Cathedrals Damaged

There are many churches in ChristChurch, New Zealand, that have been damaged as a result of three earthquakes in the past six months. 

The ChristChurch Catholic Cathedral — Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament — was severely damaged in the September 4th, 2010 earthquake. Continue reading

ChristChurch Triple Tragedy

The image above is of the ChristChurch Catholic Cathedral — more info Feb. 27th.  The images & story below are of the ChristChurch Anglican Cathedral.

Just before 1 p.m. on Tuesday 22 FEB 2011, ChristChurch, New Zealand [Monday ~ 5 p.m. my time PST] was hit with a killing earthquake — Continue reading

Pets Feed in Style [Project 4]


While I was cutting the glass for the tv centre, my room-mate decided to ‘whip together’ an idea I had which would solve a couple of problems.  It gelled from a DIY project I saw at Addicted 2 Decorating where Kristi transformed a small desk into a pet station.

With all this furniture-building experience, my room-mate has the cutting, clamping, & screwing down pat — bing, bang, boom, & he had this little baby built for me.

Lady Daisy May is a sloppy drinker — she leaves puddles Continue reading

Glass Cutting [Project 5]

With the frames ready, I could cut the soft blue glass for the entertainment centre doors.  They turned out so pretty.  😀

Now, I have a place to hide knick-knacks, records, & some of the electronics — the tv-remote-reader-thingy & the speakers have come out to the shelves.

The most important cut Continue reading


Little Jobs Count Too

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The bare light bulb of the hallway really bugged me.  Besides looking really ugly [yes, I tried hiding it with ceiling paint], it was also low enough that when I sat on my bed writing, its bright light speared me … Continue reading

Expressing Graphic Smileys

As a ‘graphic writer‘, I love playing with type, colour, images, etc.  Up until now, the only smiley faces I knew how to create were the regular guy 🙂 using the colon [:] + dash [-] + right bracket [)], and the red mouth 😛 using colon [:] + dash [-] + capital P.

It’s a rainy, dull day & wanting to Continue reading

Glass Move From Cold

🙂  In the midst of organizing my glass workshop, I gather the beautiful sheets closer to me.  It’s too cold in the garage for their delicate nature — they are hard & brittle so they don’t break nicely along my score line.

Thus a change in plans — I am moving the glass inside the house for cutting.  I really don’t mind because Continue reading


Creative Act XXX — Stencil Blobs

This gallery contains 1 photos.

My early attempts at decorative stenciling did not turn out as planned.  This was not exactly as easy as the stenciling I did as a kid — of course that was using easy-to-control pencil crayons rather than easy-to-run paint. I … Continue reading


Leftover Projects

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Often so busy with small projects, I find I sometimes let the big ones slide the wayside.  And I’ll just as often let these little details interrupt my progress on a big project — glass I got a month ago … Continue reading

Personal Design in Accessories

With the walls painted [except the bathroom & that section behind the wood stove awaiting a colour decision], some furniture built, & the kitchen cabinets almost finished, I’ve been unpacking more ‘stuff’.

Crazy for storage boxes, they’ve stored absolutely everything I’ve collected since my last major purge.  Continue reading

Closet Glam [Project 3]


Isn’t it gorgeous?

Isn’t it unique?

Most definitely.

Best of all — all 3 shelving units are portable!  And no closet doors are needed — I’m certainly not covering up all that beauty!  I am mesmerized, . . . in awe — not quite believing how elegant this all looks.  Is this really my closet? Continue reading

Creative Act XXVIII — Photoshop

🙂 As I work on more creative acts, I get more inspired.  Then I can ‘play‘ on Photoshop for hours — experimenting with different effects, colours, placement, etc.

And the greatest thing about working with layers Continue reading

Cool Lights — Bed & Dog

Got some very cool lights from overseas — a small order that took a good month to get here.  But it was certainly well worth the wait!

The type for my stained glass bed posts are battery-operated tea lights Continue reading

Continual Closet Change [Project 3]

What do you get when you take a measuring ‘mistake’ & apply some creativity to the original design?

A gorgeous framed glass door that’s so much better than a fabric cube!!

I really like the lion head ring in copper as the door handle — “borrowed” from my kitchen cabinets that were missing handles.

Speaking of those budget-friendly [$7] Martha Stewart fabric cubes from Home Depot — with the whole tower of turquoise ones not quite matching my blue walls, I decided to add another colour. Continue reading


Following a link from WordPress, I found a great poem on A Day In The Life of a Daytrader for me today — a little behind schedule with my to-do list piling up again.  I took a rest but I can’t quit.


It seems I have a lot on the go & often have not taken the time to document it to put up a weekly entry here.

But I will ponder these wonderful words [author Anonymous?], ‘pull-up my bootstraps’, & produce something, . . . anything ASAP.

Success is failure turned inside-out.

Weekly Creativity

I’m taking up the challenge from WordPress to write something here every week — a similar assignment [to post weekly creative acts] in one of my last university courses was the reason for the creation of this site.

Currently, I have a few projects ‘on-the-go’:

  • Bed Headboard –> I now have all the glass & lead to make the stained glass panel but need to get some plywood [or maybe an old door] & padding to make the fabric portion — hopefully before the end of January.  As soon as I complete my pattern, I can start cutting glass.  Since my carpenter got a router Continue reading

Creative Act XXVI — Photoshop Design

With the installation of the shelving unit to prop up the closet rod, my little plastic drawers look pretty tacky.

Of course, I came up with another project — Continue reading

Tools of the Trade

I’ve been into Victoria to buy supplies to start my bed panel project.  It was another great learning experience at Glass-Smith — this time about iridescent glass & lead came widths.  I got lots of glass & a couple new ‘tools of the trade’.  At $8 for the lead dykes & $24 for the large square, the tools were cheaper than I thought they’d be. Continue reading

Window Installed [Project 3]

It was quite exciting to have my window installed in the new closet shelving unit.  I really like how the closet looks now — no longer think it needs ‘proper’ doors.

The cupboard door covers the closet rod as intended & connects the turquoise [not quite my blue but didn’t want the ugly green, nor the prissy pink or purple, nor the dull black or brown] fabric cubes [by Martha Stewart Living™ from Home Depot for $6.99@] with the colour scheme.

The sides of the unit are shorter than the door — a little weird I know but it’s whole raison d’être is to prop up the sagging closet rod.  Rather than make a complicated section over the rod, it’s been left open.

My novice ‘carpenter’ had problems cutting the $2+ per foot grooved molding — ah ha, that’s why the pros use a ‘mitre saw’!!  Continue reading

Leaded Window [Project 3]

Surrounded by translucent yellow glass, a red-centred 4-petal flower, in an opalescent orange & white glass, is then bordered by a textured, goldish-orange glass with square red corners in the same glass as the flower centre.

My raison-d’être is lead came.  I love Continue reading

My Kind of Snow

See the little flakes of snow on your screen?  This is exactly how I like my snow!  You can change the direction of the flakes with your cursor.

Thank goodness we’re all green & blue here, hee hee.

[Check out Dawne Thoughts where the snow looks really neat on a black background!]

Glass Fun, Fun, Fun [Project 3]

Yup, girls just wanna have fun!  So, so much fun cutting stained glass tonight.  And yup, I’m working on a flower [with leaves made from a gorgeous light-orange/white opaque, pearlized glass].

Here it is, almost midnight, & I’m still revved up.  Continue reading

Glass Cutting [Project 2]

🙂  Beautiful stained glass tops raise these simple tables to super-special.  🙂

Lots of fun cutting glass for my bedside tables!  The blue one was first & it was zip, zip, & both cuts were done & it fit pretty good [about 1/16″ from the wood] — ooh, it is absolutely gorgeous! Continue reading

Furniture Design [Project 7]

Photoshop image of 4-poster bed with side tables.


I absolutely love combining wood & glass.  The solidness of the wood juxtaposes strongly with the delicateness of the glass — yet wood can be delicate & glass is really quite strong.

I used Photoshop [Ps] to design simple wooden frames for my bed & side tables. Using photos of the fabric, I could place the bedding [bedskirt, duvet, & pillows], fabric headboard, & glass panel in the bed frame. Continue reading

Creative Act XXII — Interior Design

With the summer & puppy job over, I found a wonderful rental in Sooke [about 45 km west of Victoria] — a mobile home on 1/2 acre on the ocean.  What’s really great is the landlord is fine with me painting & ‘improving’ the place — any future plans they have for the property means razing this place & building a new home.

Since getting the keys the last week of Sept., Continue reading

Creative Act XXI – Website Design

Awfully busy with eight, now 5-wk-old, puppies, I haven’t found much time to do much computer work other than post pictures of my little babies — & even those are a few days behind now.

But I did find an extra couple of quiet hours when I could start a website for friends who’d asked me over a month ago.  Of course, they’re very understanding, but I still wanted to at least get started & give them some options to look at.

It’s so nice to start creating again.

Puppies Galore

Well, I certainly haven’t been here much — what writing I’ve had time for has all been on Dawne Thoughts!  And that hasn’t been much — too busy moving & taking care of newborn Labrador pups.

It seems impossible with all the dogs I’ve had as companions through almost every year of my life, but it’s the first time I’ve been present at, & actively involved in, the birth of new life — other than my own three sons.  It was a glorious event — but just as nerve-wracking & worrisome as when I had my own children. Continue reading

Creative Act XX — Writing

In an effort to organize my various creative endeavors, I have a few other sites I’ve started & add to more often [currently] than this Dawne Design site.

Dawne Thoughts are simply thoughts from my daily life — exploring nature with my puppy, trying to find a place to settle down on a low income, working on stained glass & other graphic art projects, . . . all the regular trials & delights of woman in her early 50s learning to enjoy life.  I try to post to this site 2-3 times/week. Continue reading

Country Song

Sitting here thinking, I should write a cowboy song.

My poor old RV is leaking, my water pipes are bursting, my septic sure is flowing, but going everywhere wrong. Continue reading

Dawne of Design

A new name for use in search engines — Dawne of Design.  It comes from my registered business name of Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design which is pretty cumbersome — searches don’t want to type a lot so I need something short & sweet [Dawne Design brings up too many other Dawn Design names first].

Simply A Dawne of Design Thought

Creativity Bucket List 13

13.  Since we moved to the coast & my middle son took up deep-sea diving for a job at a fish farm, I’ve wanted to learn to dive.  The beauty in the ocean would be amazing to see — hopefully before any more is killed off.

Simply A Dawne Thought

13.  image from SpeedySigns.com

Signature Pegasus

A couple of ideas for my signature here & potentially on some of my art work:

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Dawne Design Continue reading

Creative Act XIX – Photoshop

I’ve had an idea for awhile for a logo for my company & now with Photoshop, I’ve made a couple of examples that look much better than anything I’ve created in other programs:

Continue reading

Creative Act XVIII – Photoshop

I had lots of fun in Ps today — added colour to my glass patter from XVII:

It’s so great with Photoshop — just turn off a layer and: Continue reading

Dawn Over Water [Project 1 / Creative Act XVII – Photoshop]

I created a new pattern for a stained glass project.  My very first project about 17 yrs ago was this dawn scene:

The original pattern & glass were provided by the instructor — a small business owner in Vanderhoof, BC.  But the glass available was mostly scraps she had — I liked the multi-orange piece for the sun but Continue reading

Creative Act XVI – Photoshop

My latest project — of course I ran out of time before the deadline — I wasn’t too happy with the way some of the snowflakes were scrunched at the top & they were in too much of a line to look natural [see bottom version].

Because there was something like 62 flakes, it took me awhile to find the ones I wanted to change.  Again, because there was so many, I decided to merge the first 30-odd layers under the ones I wanted to change — suddenly those flakes were all pure white! Continue reading

Creative Act XV — Graphic Art

When I was creating Act XIII & looking about Photoshop for butterflies [didn’t find them until after I used stars!], I found a tutorial to define my own shapes.  I created a 6-pane window for my next Art Design course assignment & have it available now to distort in height & width.

This started out when I used the shape tool to create one, then another in a different size, then different proportions, . . .  Next thing you know I have a “modern art” piece that I like:

Night Windows

I think I’ll come back to it later & play with other effects.  I could have different scenes peeking through the windows.  I might add a moon, etc.

Creativity Act XIV — Technology

I realized something today when I was about to write an email.  When I use technology, I love being creative with it.  With all the great graphics out there, many software companies offer really cool graphics to fit as “skins” or “themes” to fill the banner or other space that was white.  Bright white.

Too bright.  I’ve had poor eyesight from the time I was too young to know.  Then, when I was five & had my tonsils removed, I banged my head on the bars of the hospital bed in the recovery room when waking up.  My eyes were sore from the light so they had to keep the drapes drawn — Mom got me neat white plastic sunglasses with little goats on the corners.  Oh wow, a five-yr-old thought these were cool!  It was kinda neat sitting in the dark as the hospital bustled about.  I digress.

So I use these graphics to cover as much white as I can.  I noticed when starting the new email that there was a lot of white space & hurt my eyes.  [I know, turn down the brightness, but then I lose the ability to read the coloured print.]

But I noticed how I’ve creatively set up my screens & took a snap of it:

Lots of white with cat eyes peeking in corner

I also noticed when posting this how some software make it easier on my eyes by “greying out” the background when it sends me to a smaller screen:

Greyed-out background with full cat eye banner

I’m delighted by the aesthetic pleasure colour gives me!