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Check It Tuesday – writing √. . . next back to glass work

CHECK IT √  — tuesday Status Report:  **

√   wk 20–> writing freak
x   wk 18/19–> down & out  😦
√   wk 17–> business cards & grand-daughter joy
√  wks 14 through 1 –> please see Check It √  page index

This Week’s Project [+ previously missed weeks]

The drama has ended.  A little bundle of straw was placed on top of the stress mountain from the past year — I declared ‘enough’ — they ridiculed & attacked — I exploded back.  My shame was public.  Now, although not the way I wanted nor envisioned, the truth is out — I am beyond relieved.  I feel free — me again.

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Calendula / Marigold or Calendula Officinalis

Using natural herbs, flowers, etc. for many health issues has always been something I’m interested in. And, of course, in Medivel Art Studies we covered plenty on natural ingredients for dyes, staining, & colouring glass — I would so much … Continue reading


February 20th –> Yes, I’m a day late but . . . These wonderful sites are hosting a blog hop for exposure to our sites:


I’m wondering if I would use this type of post?  Does it allow images in much the same way?  Would my logo appear better in a smaller size?  Is the formatting or font different?  Speaking of which, what’s up with … Continue reading


Creative Changes — Exploring Gallery

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So, I’m a little confused.  This theme has the option to make the type of post a ‘Gallery’ which I think means only one of these images will show up on the home page. There’s also a couple other things … Continue reading


Creative Changes

You may have noticed a few changes around here. 😉 I’ve changed to a new WordPress theme with a few more features. 😮 I have a little bit of learning to do but I’m excited to make some improvements around … Continue reading


I’m Working On It

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from I’m Working On It I’ve been searching home stores, magazines, internet design sites — wracking my brain for some idea to cheaply cover the ugly carpets in this rental. Key words:  cheap and  rental — it has to be … Continue reading

Expressing Graphic Smileys

As a ‘graphic writer‘, I love playing with type, colour, images, etc.  Up until now, the only smiley faces I knew how to create were the regular guy 🙂 using the colon [:] + dash [-] + right bracket [)], and the red mouth 😛 using colon [:] + dash [-] + capital P.

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Signature Pegasus

A couple of ideas for my signature here & potentially on some of my art work:

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

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Research Essay — Genius Artist

The Genius Artist or
the Artist Genius?

In the TED Talks internet video “Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity”, newly-acclaimed author Gilbert brings up the concept from the ancient Romans of an extrinsic “genius” that provides the “greatness” to an artist’s work — a spiritual outsider who infuses the human’s art with symbolism.  Is this a viable scientific theory 21 centuries later?  Can struggling artists, specifically writers, use this concept to create insightful works of art? Continue reading