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Elf Garden [Project 33]

I have quite a few empty picture frames sitting around — simply waiting for me to print photos in the right size & shape.  My excuse — the printer was low on coloured ink.  😐

Every day, I was getting more & more interested in the gorgeous collages I saw in Scrap Girls daily newsletters & on their website.  With each newsletter I had downloaded the free graphic, template, or paper texture — I was accumulating a nice collection of goodies.

Then, one day–quite awhile after getting ink cartridges–I decided I had to either do something or simply print out the photo as it was.  Geez, just fill that dull, blank frame!

Elf Garden

Using a favourite photo taken by my grand-daughter’s talented mom, I had a ton of fun in Photoshop adding Continue reading


Designer Butterflies Tie It All Together

I’ve seen lots of beautiful designer pillows on the net that I would love — lots of gorgeous colours & patterns that cost lots of bucks.  Usually I pay $5-10 for decorative pillows, but . . .

My new butterfly pillows from Bombay — aren’t they gorgeous?

While on my way to my usual go-to store for quality linens at discount prices Continue reading


Inspiration Kicks Off Changes

This gallery contains 29 photos.

Inspired by SlowWood’s MUN 15 desk with its cool sides & shelf, I started seeing stuff around my place in a different way: I always had a problem finding a suitable spot for this sturdy, dark brown wooden shelf [excuse … Continue reading


Creativity XXXVII — Spray Paint Sure Blossomed Over the Years

This gallery contains 6 photos.

I’ve been in the paint department mega times — like a lot! — over the last 8 months or so, but somehow I always managed to bypass the spray paint aisle. Or maybe


Creativity XXXVI — Happy Birthday to the Royal Couple

😉 No, I don’t have my headline wrong. As well as the British royal wedding of Prince William & Catherine Middleton, today is my Mom & Dad’s birthday. Yes, the same day — three years apart.


Creative Act XXX — Stencil Blobs

This gallery contains 1 photos.

My early attempts at decorative stenciling did not turn out as planned.  This was not exactly as easy as the stenciling I did as a kid — of course that was using easy-to-control pencil crayons rather than easy-to-run paint. I … Continue reading

Closet Glam [Project 3]


Isn’t it gorgeous?

Isn’t it unique?

Most definitely.

Best of all — all 3 shelving units are portable!  And no closet doors are needed — I’m certainly not covering up all that beauty!  I am mesmerized, . . . in awe — not quite believing how elegant this all looks.  Is this really my closet? Continue reading

Creative Act XXVIII — Photoshop

🙂 As I work on more creative acts, I get more inspired.  Then I can ‘play‘ on Photoshop for hours — experimenting with different effects, colours, placement, etc.

And the greatest thing about working with layers Continue reading

Creative Act XXVI — Photoshop Design

With the installation of the shelving unit to prop up the closet rod, my little plastic drawers look pretty tacky.

Of course, I came up with another project — Continue reading

Creative Act XXII — Interior Design

With the summer & puppy job over, I found a wonderful rental in Sooke [about 45 km west of Victoria] — a mobile home on 1/2 acre on the ocean.  What’s really great is the landlord is fine with me painting & ‘improving’ the place — any future plans they have for the property means razing this place & building a new home.

Since getting the keys the last week of Sept., Continue reading

Creative Act XXI – Website Design

Awfully busy with eight, now 5-wk-old, puppies, I haven’t found much time to do much computer work other than post pictures of my little babies — & even those are a few days behind now.

But I did find an extra couple of quiet hours when I could start a website for friends who’d asked me over a month ago.  Of course, they’re very understanding, but I still wanted to at least get started & give them some options to look at.

It’s so nice to start creating again.

Creative Act XX — Writing

In an effort to organize my various creative endeavors, I have a few other sites I’ve started & add to more often [currently] than this Dawne Design site.

Dawne Thoughts are simply thoughts from my daily life — exploring nature with my puppy, trying to find a place to settle down on a low income, working on stained glass & other graphic art projects, . . . all the regular trials & delights of woman in her early 50s learning to enjoy life.  I try to post to this site 2-3 times/week. Continue reading

Creative Act XIX – Photoshop

I’ve had an idea for awhile for a logo for my company & now with Photoshop, I’ve made a couple of examples that look much better than anything I’ve created in other programs:

Continue reading

Creative Act XVIII – Photoshop

I had lots of fun in Ps today — added colour to my glass patter from XVII:

It’s so great with Photoshop — just turn off a layer and: Continue reading

Dawn Over Water [Project 1 / Creative Act XVII – Photoshop]

I created a new pattern for a stained glass project.  My very first project about 17 yrs ago was this dawn scene:

The original pattern & glass were provided by the instructor — a small business owner in Vanderhoof, BC.  But the glass available was mostly scraps she had — I liked the multi-orange piece for the sun but Continue reading

Creative Act XVI – Photoshop

My latest project — of course I ran out of time before the deadline — I wasn’t too happy with the way some of the snowflakes were scrunched at the top & they were in too much of a line to look natural [see bottom version].

Because there was something like 62 flakes, it took me awhile to find the ones I wanted to change.  Again, because there was so many, I decided to merge the first 30-odd layers under the ones I wanted to change — suddenly those flakes were all pure white! Continue reading

Creative Act XV — Graphic Art

When I was creating Act XIII & looking about Photoshop for butterflies [didn’t find them until after I used stars!], I found a tutorial to define my own shapes.  I created a 6-pane window for my next Art Design course assignment & have it available now to distort in height & width.

This started out when I used the shape tool to create one, then another in a different size, then different proportions, . . .  Next thing you know I have a “modern art” piece that I like:

Night Windows

I think I’ll come back to it later & play with other effects.  I could have different scenes peeking through the windows.  I might add a moon, etc.

Creativity Act XIV — Technology

I realized something today when I was about to write an email.  When I use technology, I love being creative with it.  With all the great graphics out there, many software companies offer really cool graphics to fit as “skins” or “themes” to fill the banner or other space that was white.  Bright white.

Too bright.  I’ve had poor eyesight from the time I was too young to know.  Then, when I was five & had my tonsils removed, I banged my head on the bars of the hospital bed in the recovery room when waking up.  My eyes were sore from the light so they had to keep the drapes drawn — Mom got me neat white plastic sunglasses with little goats on the corners.  Oh wow, a five-yr-old thought these were cool!  It was kinda neat sitting in the dark as the hospital bustled about.  I digress.

So I use these graphics to cover as much white as I can.  I noticed when starting the new email that there was a lot of white space & hurt my eyes.  [I know, turn down the brightness, but then I lose the ability to read the coloured print.]

But I noticed how I’ve creatively set up my screens & took a snap of it:

Lots of white with cat eyes peeking in corner

I also noticed when posting this how some software make it easier on my eyes by “greying out” the background when it sends me to a smaller screen:

Greyed-out background with full cat eye banner

I’m delighted by the aesthetic pleasure colour gives me!

Creative Act XIII – Photoshop

Girls at Play

Had lots of fun making this one of Lady Daisy [bottom] & her big sister Princess [top].  A few problems but at least I think I’ve got colour changing down now.  Started out looking for butterflies but, of course, didn’t find them until after I’d populated it with stars — it’s a separate layer so I couldn’t always change it with butterflies later.  On to more creativity.

Added text for my design assignment.  I really like the pretty blue!  [click to enlarge]

Creative Act XII — Photoshop

Crossed Rainbows

-I had lots of fun playing with the colours on this Ps rainbow.  I put in a lot less rectangles & hardly any pink [the example was mostly pinks!!]  I really like the deepness of the black — almost like velvet — oh geez, those paintings never were in style.  But from the million choices of colour available, it’s a delight collecting groups in different tones &

I made the colour lines a lot wider so it would work better for a stained glass project, although this would be just a rough draft for any pattern.  I also played around with “spraying” 20/30% opacity brushes in black or white in different spots.  Then each layer was “blended” — putting shadows & spotlights on the rainbows.  Lots of fun.  Now on to my next Ps tutorial.

Creative Act XI – Creative Group Project

Group Project Summary

Being creative involves emotions.  Our project explores how we portray our inner & outer creative beings — we mask our internal emotions with an external mask.  We’re representing this internal core with a metal skeleton surrounded by bottles with various thoughts/emotions stuffed inside [causing more stress].  Beside this, Julie is sitting [small, not fully expressed] covered with plaster representing the persona we show to the world.

We collected images of people & asked them what emotion they were feeling — these represent the collective unconsciousness we are all a part of.  A main point we’d like to make is that “we are all in this together” & would like to break down barriers between people by acknowledging the human experience of our complicated emotions. Continue reading

Creative Act X — Blog Design

It seems appropriate that my 10th creative act is the same as my 1st creative act — blogging.  But my creativity has exploded from learning to setup one blog for our Fine Arts 100 course, to creating & administering SIX blogs!  And, all of them free — ooh, the shopper in me always likes a great bargain.

1.  Dawne Design at started 2010 Jan 10 as a UVic assignment where we had to start up a blog to explore our creativity through creative acts, reflections on course readings, book response, and a research paper.  I had a bit of frustration but a great deal of fun & spent hours exploring, trying new features, & lots of “fiddling” around. Continue reading

Creative Act IX – Wood Bench Design

I’m very excited to finally start some stained glass work — it seems like forever since I’ve done anything more than doodle sketches.  My biggest problem has been not having a work space but now a friend has offered to help me build a bench & the space to put it.  Talk about motivation.  So, I designed a rough wood workbench that can be taken apart [through the use of bolts instead of screws & glue] so it can be moved easily.  It will be constructed in three stages with plans to later add shelves to hold glass sheets & dividers to keep them separated.

Glass Work Bench Stage I Continue reading

Creative Act VIII – Creativity Bucket List

Many people create a “Bucket List” of things they want to do before they “kick the bucket”.  I want to create a similar list but without the morbid finality of death by attaching the more creativity & endlessness of life to it.  I want my list to continually grow so I’m also setting it up as a separate category on this blog.  As I continue to explore my creative being more ideas sprout & this would be a perfect place to record them.  Right now, these are simply general ideas, but as I work at each one, more details will be posted.  So, in no particular order, here’s the start of my:

Creativity Bucket List
  1. Visit Buckhaven, Scotland    In the Shire of Fife, Buckhaven is a small fishing village where Nana, my maternal grandmother grew up with my great-grandparents, “Mother” and “Daddy Jim”.  While in Scotland I want to visit medieval ruins & the magical Stonehenge & King Arthur’s mythical Camelot & the wild coastline & castles & maybe Wales & maybe Ireland & . . . Continue reading

Creative Act VII – Photography

Pardus at his happiest.  He likes to join Lady & I during our walks but has to keep out of “licking” range.  I took lots of pics of the spring flowers & buds on the bushes & put it through a random “collage” program — a lot faster than Photoshop but not nearly as nice. Continue reading

Creative Act VI — Poetry

I cannot remember ever writing a poem!  Obviously, it must have been an assignment in an early elementary classroom but I know I managed to wiggle out of writing any poetry in high school.  So, inspired by fellow classmates’ & guest lecturers’ work, I decided I had to cross that scary boundary for one of these creative acts. Continue reading

Creative Act V — Breadmaking

It’s hard to believe at over half a century old, but I just made my first loaf of bread!  Yeah, I know it’s a weird shape for raisin bread but don’t bakers use this shape for sourdough bread?

I’ve been wanting an automatic breadmaker for a long time but wasn’t willing to pay over $100 for one & when they were on sale didn’t have the spare money.  Continue reading

Creative Act IV — Photography Effects

I have this idea for a window where the lines of the design resemble the trunks & branches of birch trees in the winter.  I took some pictures on a semi-clear day of birch & fir trees in Metchosin, testing different settings on my Nikon Coolpix.

The lines of the birch trees are discernible in these images but have areas “flashed” by the light of the sky.

They are not a good “photographic” image but I can manipulate the image in Photoshop for my purposes to get natural looking lines rather than artificial, drawn lines. Continue reading

Creative Act III – Photography & Photoshop

I did not spend enough time on being creative this week.  I wanted to pick a digital image of my dog to manipulate into a stained glass design. 

Lady & Pardus in black & white

Creative Act II — Digital Photography & Photoshop

Started with these images I took using a Nikon Coolpix digital camera; outside along Goldstream on way to Beacher Bay:

Imported & merged in Photoshop — 3 images at different horizon levels not match automatically; manually merge: [.psd files not supported by wordpress — converted to .jpg]

I’d like to apply other effects in Photoshop to one of the panoramas to clean up the merge lines, water colour, clouds, etc. then make it the header on my blog — further work is required.

Creative Act I — Blog

  • set-up on –> theme, colours, columns
  • experiment with digital camera –> basic shoot, inside, outside, animals moving
  • write about self & thoughts
  • troubleshoot problems with Gravatar & poll insertion