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One Simple Goal

I learned years ago [hmm, yeah, like 20] that no matter how strong I started out on New Year’s Day, I did not keep my resolutions.  And the same ones were on the list — year after year [like another 20!].  😦

So I started making goals — of course I was still a bit unrealistic — I made too many to be done in too short a time.

But, very, very slowly, I started achieving changes in my life.  When it was right — when I was ready, I baby-stepped my way through my list of goals.

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Baby Steps Provide Productive 2011

Celebrate what you want to see more of.
Tom Peters

The porch entrance is alive with colour.

Everywhere I look in this old, not-so-mobile home, I see the beautiful colours of my work from 2011.

While my friend, Reddie, worked on his carpentry skills, I enjoyed designing furniture & windows using gorgeous stained glass.

I’m amazed at what can be achieved with baby steps & a year:

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Creative Act XXII — Interior Design

With the summer & puppy job over, I found a wonderful rental in Sooke [about 45 km west of Victoria] — a mobile home on 1/2 acre on the ocean.  What’s really great is the landlord is fine with me painting & ‘improving’ the place — any future plans they have for the property means razing this place & building a new home.

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Creativity Bucket List 13

13.  Since we moved to the coast & my middle son took up deep-sea diving for a job at a fish farm, I’ve wanted to learn to dive.  The beauty in the ocean would be amazing to see — hopefully before any more is killed off.

Simply A Dawne Thought

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Creative Act VIII – Creativity Bucket List

Many people create a “Bucket List” of things they want to do before they “kick the bucket”.  I want to create a similar list but without the morbid finality of death by attaching the more creativity & endlessness of life to it.  I want my list to continually grow so I’m also setting it up as a separate category on this blog.  As I continue to explore my creative being more ideas sprout & this would be a perfect place to record them.  Right now, these are simply general ideas, but as I work at each one, more details will be posted.  So, in no particular order, here’s the start of my:

Creativity Bucket List
  1. Visit Buckhaven, Scotland    In the Shire of Fife, Buckhaven is a small fishing village where Nana, my maternal grandmother grew up with my great-grandparents, “Mother” and “Daddy Jim”.  While in Scotland I want to visit medieval ruins & the magical Stonehenge & King Arthur’s mythical Camelot & the wild coastline & castles & maybe Wales & maybe Ireland & . . . Continue reading