Creativity Bucket List

Many people create a “Bucket List” of things they want to do before they “kick the bucket”.  I don’t want to finish a list — to check off each item & never return to the experience of it again. I like the idea of never-ending goals — to attach the more creativity & endlessness of life to my list.

Creativity Bucket List

  1. Visit New Zealand & Scotland  Buckhaven-by-Panoramio.jpg In the Shire of Fife, Buckhaven is a small fishing village where Nana, my maternal grandmother grew up with my great-grandparents, “Mother” and “Daddy Jim”.  While in Scotland I want to visit medieval ruins & the magical Stonehenge & King Arthur’s mythical Camelot & the wild coastline & castles & maybe Wales & maybe Ireland & …  New Zealand interests me because it is an island with a similar environment as our Isle with a very progressive social philosophy.  Besides, they have the ‘All-Blacks’ — best rugby in the world.
  2. Create Stained Glass Art   For the longest time, I didn’t have the space to cut glass.  Now, I’ve been able to create many projects including the beautification of an old mobile home porch & building a tiny office, with many other projects along the way — most with photos & posts on this site.  I still have a long way to go as far as skill level goes so this area will continue to grow with more than enough projects to last me while I still have a working brain.
  3. Sing in a Choir I used to sing in both my school & church choirs when I was younger.  I’m always humming & singing whenever I hear a catchy tune & often bee-bopping & drumming the beat when driving — music is a necessity!
  4. Play an Instrument Always miffed because I wasn’t allowed to play drums in our grade 8 band “because I was a girl” I’d like to learn some sort of drum but it’s highly doubtful I’ll be joining a band at this stage of the game.  In reality, I’d take up piano or bagpipes again — I don’t think I can do both.  In mid-2018, I received my old bagpipe practice chanter [basically the bagpipes without the bag & the pipes — just the ‘flute’ part] from my Mum’s estate.  It’s a dying art, even out here, with our colonial past.  I’m not even sure if there’s a pipe band around — there seems to be only one old fella still piping on the waterfront outside the Victoria Parliament.
  5. Go Kayaking    I love kayaking as often as possible — there is so much to explore in the Georgia Strait & along the west coast of Vancouver Island.  It brings peace out there on the water & a strong sense of independence.  It’s always a firm reinforcement in my belief that we are not the ‘supreme’ species on this world — that there are magnificent creatures out there we have denigrated for our own selfish greed.
  6. Write, Write, Write — maybe even a Novel  I always have mega bits of writing that never see the light of day.  When creativity strikes & I feel brave, I write at Dawne Thoughts covering anything from politics to creativity, or Dawne Enlightened where I explore my bipolar illness.  Sometimes there are major gaps but there are always bigger projects on the go with little pieces added as time goes on.
  7. Create Collages    I have tons of old photos & memorabilia of children, grandchildren, pets, & homes — some I’d like to scan & record digitally but I’d also like to make old-fashioned, non-digital collages.  I like some of the Victorian collage pages shown at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  8. Garden    Both my father & grandfather were professional landscapers & gardeners in Calgary — they passed that love onto all the generations that followed.  Compared to Alberta, practically everything grows so easy here!  While I have the lightest of green-thumbs in my family, I enjoy gardening everything from flowers & trees to fruits & vegetables.
  9. Design & Renovate a Tiny Home    I’ve always enjoyed drafting, interior design, painting, tiling, … anything to do with updating older homes.  Like stained glass, this area will have a never-ending list of projects.  In 2018, I got an old 5th-wheel trailer with a 27′ x 8′ space to create a livable home — a challenge I’m excited to embark on.
  10. Enjoy My Family    With this digital age, I’d like to compensate for the lack of physical presence that fractures our modern family.  I connect with children, grand-children, siblings, nieces/nephews, & now grand-nieces/nephews through social media like facebook & emails.  We share photos & news much quicker so I do feel a little more involved although we may be miles away.
  11. Earn a Living Being Creative    Long involved with the admin & technical side of business, I’d like to be able to earn a decent [I don’t need a million bucks!!] living from my creative outlets.  This site has started me on a wonderful path & I’d like to continue travelling it.

I’m sure there will be lots more to add to this as time goes on.  I think I have plenty to work on right here.

Vanessa Dawne  

Images Used:

  1. photo by methilnomore, copyright Panoramio –>
  2. my first stained glass project [1992] in copper foil –> Government St. 2003
  3. clip art from –>
  4. clip art from –>
  5. clip art from –>
  6. clip art from –>
  7. clip art from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. –> untitled page from the Princess Alexandra Album[1866/69] from The Royal Collection, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II [Alexandra, Princess of Wales b. Denmark 1844 d. 1925]
  8. my friend’s garden in Calgary
  9. clip art from –>
  10. me with my two youngest sons 2002 August
  11. one of my websites


  1. I live in Cedar, just outside of nanaimo, where I was born and raised…and a lot of your bucket list is similar to mine!!! I just toured the Spectrum Glass factory and the Tacoma Glass museum this last october!!! Bucket list stuff…and concidering it was a one day event and I drove there…Amazing!

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