Check It Tuesday – writing √. . . next back to glass work

CHECK IT √  — tuesday Status Report:  **

√   wk 20–> writing freak
x   wk 18/19–> down & out  😦
√   wk 17–> business cards & grand-daughter joy
√  wks 14 through 1 –> please see Check It √  page index

This Week’s Project [+ previously missed weeks]

The drama has ended.  A little bundle of straw was placed on top of the stress mountain from the past year — I declared ‘enough’ — they ridiculed & attacked — I exploded back.  My shame was public.  Now, although not the way I wanted nor envisioned, the truth is out — I am beyond relieved.  I feel free — me again.


I mentioned in October 2nd’s Check It Tuesday that I was struggling with writer’s block.  All my creativity was stifled — stained glass, house painting, decorating, … everything!

But author Cristian Mihai’s article, Write About What You Know, bubbled away at the back of my brain.  Then, during another sleepless night, as a special day quickly approached, the words came.  Slowly at first … then they flowed like the Bow River rushing from the Rockies where I grew up.

It was so peaceful with the inky black outside the large windows, no lights except the blue tv screen playing country music & my laptop turned low — I was reminded of a favourite author:

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many
things that escape those who dream only at night.
Edgar Allan Poe

Finally, I started posting on Dawne Thoughts, with Sweet Life — Where To Start? and over the next couple days continued with Truth:  My Bad? & Apology Not Enough.  I finally posted on Dawne Enlightened about PTSD.  I am encouraged to write more.

The dam broke & the words flowed — all my creativity returned.

The best thing is I got educated.  The pieces of the puzzle were finally exposed, with a very important one falling into place just this very morning.  Now I understand.  Yes, now I totally–been there, done that– understand.

Now I know the answer to my never-ending question of why.  It’s no longer a black, empty computer screen — the data has been entered.

Stop the presses … the big bonus event … drumroll please … is …

Next Week’s Project

I received a new commission  …  Hallelujah … I’m back on track!

That’s all that needs to be said.  I am excited to be getting back to glasswork.  I am off to Glasssmith to find some beautiful glass to inspire me.

I am going to have fun this week — beautifully creative fun.

Check back next Tuesday [October 30th] to see how I do at Check It √ Tuesday!

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle




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