Organizing √

Notice the name change?  I figure since I’m always late trying to post on Monday, I might as well admit defeat & change the day.  A baby step to less stress.  😉

CHECK IT √  — tuesday Status Report:  **

√   wk 15–> organizing — life & house
√   wk 14–> cleaning house & keeping it clean
√  wks 13 through 1 –> please see Check It √  page index

This Week’s Project

I’m not sure if I really deserve a √ or not this week — but I’m awarding it because I need some encouragement.  😀

Amazingly, my little recycling centre inside got emptied into blue bins & put out for pickup BEFORE the truck went past — I usually miss its bi-weekly tour.  So, that certainly counts toward organizing.

Still enjoying the skinny bench so, naturally, I did some organizing while in the porch.

I have a variety of re-usable shopping bags — trouble is they collect in the porch instead of the back of the vehicle.  Can hardly use them if I don’t have them with me!

I took two bags–full of more bags–where they were needed, & left only one hook available in the porch for temporarily hanging bags.  And since they’d be closest to the door, I’m sure to see them when going out.  A baby step to keeping organized.  🙂

Next Week’s Project

Again, the next week is about organization but I do have some glasswork to get back to — my focus will be on:

  • make some appointments,
  • catch up on replying to emails,
  • prep porch for painting,
  • finish a couple small glass pieces for upcoming birthday presents.

Still, as long as the weather stays this warm, I’ll be spending time outside.  Maybe, if Lady gets enough play out of me, I can work on my laptop out there.  Well, maybe.  😉

Check back next Tuesday [September 25th] to see how I do at Check It √ Tuesday!

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle


** Check It √ Tuesday originally started when Kristi, at Addicted2Decorating introduced Make It Happen! Mondays — I’ve revamped it a bit!


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