Fire & Ice Abstracts √

Ice & Fire crop
Fire & Ice

MAKE IT HAPPEN! — Monday Status Report:

√    wk 8–> Fire & Ice Abstracts finished & Gallery submitted [link to be added]
x     wk 7–> Winter Ice Abstract [Gallery 2] to putty stage
√     wk 6–> Summer Heat Abstract [Gallery 1] to putty stage
½√ wk 5–> Gallery Abstract 1 concept drawings & glass supplies
√    wk  4–> Porch Cleanup & Valance photos [link to be added]
√    wk  3–> Flower Power leaded [link to be added]
x    wk  2 –> Glass cutting/leading Flower Power
√    wk  1 –> Paint Bedroom Shutter Sliders — project #30 Elegant Blue Wonders

A couple of months ago, Kristi, at Addicted2Decorating introduced Make It Happen! Mondays — a great way to finish some of those ‘hanging-around-never-done’ projects.  It’s been quite an eye-opener for me — success or not!


Last week, I revealed my lack of progress on Winter Ice.  😦

It was a hard week that did get me started on a whole series of personal articles for Dawne Thoughts, but I also had a wonderful day at the beach celebrating a friend’s grand-daughter’s first birthday.

We all need love! 

After that, I was inspired to finish my panels for the upcoming gallery art show:

I am totally excited to be participating in my FIRST Art Gallery Show.

Since I didn’t get 4 panels done to coincide with the seasons, I did change the names of the panels I submitted to Ice & Fire:

Ice & Fire — for sale at the Coast Collective Art Gallery
from August 1st through 12th.

I had a lot of fun designing these — but sure am glad they’re done!

Next Project

This week is all about some summer fun.  Yes, I’ll do a little gardening, playing with Lady at the ocean, spending quality time with family, & of course housework.

I might even think about some glass design.  Or maybe writing some overdue posts on finished projects.  But I’m especially going to enjoy a nice week of summer.

I have the Meet the Artist afternoon on Saturday & of course, I want to view all the gorgeous art pieces submitted by other glass artists.  If you’re in the Victoria area, please stop by the Coast Collective Art Gallery.

On top of the Glass Only show, there’s also our own famous Sooke Fine Arts Show this week so I’d like to visit that one also.

Maybe, if allowed, I might have some photos of my favourite pieces from either or both Art Shows.  But for sure, I’ll have some summer photos.

Check back next Monday [August 6th] to see how I do at Making It Happen!

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle


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