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In love with medieval stained glass as I am, a site I often visit is Milly Frances’ everything stained glass.  Milly’s European background is impressive & I find great tutorials for modern work as well as great pictures of historical works.

You can see Milly’s portfolio at striking glass.  I love this work of art [above right] with the shark in the background — this is double panels of glass & would be amazing to walk through.

CinderellaA reader recently asked about stained glass patterns for making characters such as Mickey Mouse© & Cinderella© — notice the © mark indicating ‘Copyright‘?

In her research, Milly found this delightful video which educates us [on many levels, hee hee] on the basic points we, as creative artists that may wish to earn money using a wide range of materials [such as this Cinderella© graphic], absolutely need to know.

And, if you are any kind of Disney© fan, you simply HAVE to watch this!  Again, notice all the ©s?

Wasn’t that just delightful?

I love their use of one, or very few, word snippets to create sentences that plainly spell it all out.

And who would have thought Disney© would be such a meany?  But then, . . . it is their work, isn’t it?  A very complex issue but we, as creative artists, must be aware of these things — copyright, fair use & public domain.

One of the points mentioned as “fair use” was the amount of material that is used — thus the short clips.  Then they listed these as valid reason categories:

  • Teach
  • News Reporting
  • Parody; and
  • Critical Comment

I think you could say they covered all those quite well but I would classify this as ‘Critical Comment’.  What do you think?

Thanks so much for your opinion.

I hope you all enjoyed this delightful video — I sure did!  😎

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle



Milly Frances’ work is from her site at striking glass

Cinderalla© graphic is copyrighted by Disney@ & I found this graphic on Bing

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