Try, Try, Try Again

WIce start

MAKE IT HAPPEN! — Monday Status Report:

x     wk 7–> Winter Ice Abstract [Gallery 2] to putty stage
√     wk 6–> Summer Heat Abstract [Gallery 1] to putty stage
½√ wk 5–> Gallery Abstract 1 concept drawings & glass supplies
√    wk  4–> Porch Cleanup & Valance photos [link to be added]
√    wk  3–> Flower Power leaded [link to be added]
x    wk  2 –> Glass cutting/leading Flower Power
√    wk  1 –> Paint Bedroom Shutter Sliders — project #30 Elegant Blue Wonders

A couple of months ago, Kristi, at Addicted2Decorating introduced Make It Happen! Mondays — a great way to finish some of those ‘hanging-around-never-done’ projects.  It’s been quite an eye-opener for me — success or not!


Last week, I revealed my first gallery abstract, Summer Heat [soldered version right].  I had lots of fun choosing & shaping glass sections to represent fire flames.

This is the first abstract, in originally a series of four, for a “Glass Only” gallery art show in early August.

I started out relating glass colours, styles, & shapes to [my version of] each season of the year.

I WAS supposed to be revealing Winter Ice this week but this is as far as I’ve got:

Oops  😦

I had a VERY upsetting week — emotional distress that drains me of energy & creativity.

I did get a bit more glass work done Monday & will work on it more tonight but I certainly realize now that I’ll be lucky to get 3 entries in the art show, never mind the maximum 4 glass projects.  😐

Next Project

So, of course, I HAVE to finish Winter Ice this week — the last day to hand in the gallery pieces is SUNDAY ! !  😛

I might have to change the names to reflect the matter it represents & drop any reference to the seasons — i.e. Summer Heat becomes Fire & Winter Ice simply becomes Ice.  If I do get Ice completed, . . . I MIGHT have time make a smaller third abstract, . . . MAYBE

Still, I thank my lucky stars that I’ve been invited to participate in this gallery exhibition in the first place.  Something IS better than nothing.

I definitely will NOT be worried about getting some posts on finished projects written — absolutely no time for that!

And yes, I’m even a full day late posting this on Tuesday rather than Monday — I was excited to be Nana for a friend’s sweet little grand-daughter celebrating her 1st birthday. 

The dogs had a refreshing swim & we all had a glorious afternoon at the beach.  My mood is vastly improved.  😆

Check back next Monday [July 30th] to see how I do at Making It Happen — what will I submit to the art gallery?

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle



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