Gallery Abstract 1 ½√


MAKE IT HAPPEN! — Monday Status Report:

½√  wk 5–> Gallery Abstract 1 concept drawings & glass supplies
√    wk  4–> Porch Cleanup & Valance photos [link to be added]
√    wk  3–> Flower Power leaded [link to be added]
x    wk  2 –> Glass cutting/leading Flower Power
√    wk  1 –> Paint Bedroom Shutter Sliders — project #30 Elegant Blue Wonders

As an expert procrastinator, I am participating in Kristi’s Make It Happen! Monday, at Addicted2Decorating to finish one of those ‘hanging-around-never-done’ projects each week by committing to it here.

Last week, I again aimed a bit high in wanting a small panel close to being finished.  But it wasn’t procrastination that slowed progress, it was lack of funds — a necessary part of starting life as a bona fide struggling artist.  😉

The week started with the finishing touches to Flower Power.  I started work on concept drawings for the first Gallery panels but it wasn’t until the commission work was delivered & the balance paid, that I could go to Glass-Smith for supplies.

So, after making my client very happy on Sunday, I had fun on Monday!  I already had a couple reds & a dark yellow but I needed some orange & light yellow for ‘Summer Heat‘.

Selection of orange, red, & yellow glass for ‘Summer Heat’ — although it appears red, the 2nd piece is actually an orange.

The orange & red appear truer to colour at night — the 2nd orange is lighter with yellow/white, while the red shows more of its yellow.

I also got the glass for the ‘Winter Ice‘ panel:

I got a nice selection of clears with different textures — a couple are iridescent [middle].

A couple other clears but I’m not sure if I’ll use the thicker architectural glass — bamboo stalks & leaves [right] — in this project or save it for a window project.

I also got other supplies that I’ve run out of — flux, putty, solder, etc.  I am totally ready to proceed!

Next Project

For next week, I want Summer Heat pretty well finished & hopefully I’ve started on Winter Ice.

I also need to commit to getting some posts on finished project written — I am woefully behind.

Yes, I am posting this Make It Happen Monday on Tuesday — oops, fell asleep at my computer last night.  😆

Check back next Monday [July 16th] to see how I do at Making It Happen.

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle



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