Sliding Shutters Painted √


MAKE IT HAPPEN! — Monday Status Report:

√    wk  1 –> Paint Bedroom Shutter Sliders — project #30 Elegant Blue Wonders

Last week, Kristi, at Addicted2Decorating, started a weekly challenge, aptly named ‘Make It Happen Monday’ whereby she, and anybody else who dares to take it on, commits to finish one of those ‘hanging-around-never-done’ projects in a week.

Last week, I declared I would finish painting my bedroom shutters:

The shutters with bare wood sliders.

Now, thanks to Make It Happen Monday, the shutters with painted sliders:

The shutters with the sliders painted blue to match the wall.

Yes, I procrastinated all week but finally, with the weight of today pushing, I got down to painting on Sunday.  That is why I’m participating in Make It Happen Mondays!  😆

Thanks so much to Kristi, at Addicted2Decorating, for the kick-start I needed.  I’m pretty sure the bare wood would still be there this morning if I didn’t feel the need to report here today!

And congratulations to everyone who met their target — check out Kristi’s refinished countertop & Lindsey’s refurbished dog house & Linda’s gorgeous dresser & Wendy’s cool garland & Kelly’s stupendous Greek key enhancement.

Next Project

So, for this week, my commitment to Make It Happen Monday is to complete the commission work, Flower Power:

The whole panel has been sitting–half finished– waiting for me to decide on glass colours.

I’ve been passing it for days [hmm, maybe weeks] without fitting in any glass pieces.  That, oh-I’ve-got-lots-of-time deadline in July is now fast approaching!

I need to finish this to clear my table for other ideas running around in my brain.  I need to get paid so I can get more glass supplies.

So, hopefully I’ll get all the glass work, soldering, & puttying done in a week — but for sure, I want all the glass work done & ready for the final stages.

Check back next Monday [June 18th] to see how I do.

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle



  1. Vanessa,

    Thanks for coming by my blog. I love your blue glass shutters. We recently were at a display garden where we saw stained glass panels set into copper and used as garden screens. It looked so great that we are thinking of having that done with a stained glass window that has been sitting in the garage unused. I envy your talent.



    • Thanks for your lovely comment, Yael. That’s a great idea to use your old window out in your gorgeous garden — I love stained glass colours among the colours of the much softer flowers! Once I’m finished with the windows inside, I’ve got a couple ideas for outdoor projects this summer including panels & a water fountain.

      I am SO looking forward to reading all your fabulous posts.

      Vanessa Dawne


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