Just Need to Paint Shutter Slides

One of the hardest things about being creative is actually finishing projects.  So many times, I will start a great project, get it in place, & then go onto the next exciting project without actually finishing the previous one.

Now Kristi, at Addicted2Decorating, is starting a weekly challenge, aptly named ‘Make It Happen Monday’ whereby she, and anybody else who dares to take it on, is setting out a specific project to finish THIS WEEK.

Then, next Monday we will come back with the finished project [yup, it better be done] & pick another project to be finished the following week.  And so on, until, I guess, we run out of unfinished projects [yeah, like that’ll ever happen with me!].

Of course, I have a ton of unfinished projects around here — it was actually quite difficult for me to actually pick one.  What will I get done?  Can I actually voice my commitment to finish something & dare I post it?

I decided to work my way backwards & finish my latest project — #30, my bedroom shutters:

Yes, the shutters are up & working just fine but, um . . .

The shutter frames are painted ivory but the sliders are still sitting there . . . bare wood waiting . . . for me to pick up a paint brush.

So, my commitment to Make It Happen Monday is to paint the sliders for my bedroom shutters.  I want to paint the ends the same blue as the wall & the middle sections in the same ivory as the shutter trim.

Check back next Monday [June 11th] to see how I do.

Ironically, I just managed to get this post FINISHED on Monday — so typical.  Yeah, it’s almost midnight, but I made it!  😆

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle



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