Inspiration Kicks Off Changes

Inspired by SlowWood’s MUN 15 desk with its cool sides & shelf, I started seeing stuff around my place in a different way:

I always had a problem finding a suitable spot for this sturdy, dark brown wooden shelf [excuse the dust 😉 ].

Of course, it hit me, I could turn this upside down & create a mini-shelf for my desk — no building required.

I didn’t let a light rain stop me from spray painting it in the porch on newspaper.

I had a full can of metallic silver & a minimal amount of ocean blue — so all sides got a couple coats of silver, then a ‘misting’ for some areas with the blue.

I love how the shelf looks different in all kinds of light — there’s a sheen from the metallic silver.

It goes great with the wall colour & sets off decorative items.  The silver colour blends & uplifts whereas the original dark brown darkened & depressed.

At first, I built a little tower in the middle of the desk under the Monet print.

Hmmm, it’s just too . . . busy.  I tried thinking of design tips [man, where’s a list when I need one?]:

— layer different heights

— group like items together

— shelf books according to spine colour

— highlight art objects by texture & colour

— edit, edit, EDIT.

After a bit of rearranging on the desk & on the shelves of the perpendicular project table, I ended up with this:

The shelf tower looks better against the bare blue wall than crowding Monet’s beautiful flowers, but . . .

The greatest thing about photographing a scene like this is the different view the camera shows.  The tower is still a little busy, the layers are lop-sided, & I’m not happy with the green tray hanging on the edge.

Sure, it’s organized — still crowded & more functional than pretty, though.

I moved my ‘Mom’ pencil holder [made by my youngest son, way back when] to a longer shelf on the bookcase & made a few changes with the butterfly boxes.

While in the organizing mood, I put a pencil holder, decorative box, & a couple of angel candleholders on my little red table.

You know how when you’re in the mood to organize, you hit all parts of the house?

I also screwed in my new key holder — a lovely Black Lab like Lady — by the back door so it’s handy.

Then, I decided to make some major changes to the setup –>

I moved in the little units from my closet [because it has fancy $5 panels on it now], then

I decided to bring the wicker bookcase closer & use it as a bit of a room divider:

I moved in my wicker bookcase to form a little corner — it’s packed with medieval history & literature books.

My loving sister sent me a gorgeous yellow case filled with makeup & a smaller case.  I emptied all the makeup — anyone need some? — so I can use the cases to collect odd pieces of paper.

The small one holds business cards & scraps of paper with phone numbers on them.  The large one holds larger scraps of paper on which I’ve drawn or notated a project idea.

I found the little, blue penny banks at Value Village for $2 each — one’s for a sunny day & the other for a rainy one.

Organized desk, bookshelves, & project table.

I made a little change with this gorgeous cream ceramic crane from Value Village — just $3 — that I knew would go perfect on my little silver shelf.

No problem losing the little hanging white bag — I really love the glittery blue butterfly leftover from Christmas decorations [50% at Michaels].

It’s also my totem — Vanessa means butterfly in Greek — so it provides inspiration.

I’m quite happy with my little admin corner now.  😎

In my admin area, everything I need is close.

Along with my project table, this small area certainly stores a lot of stuff.

😉  Well, I still have more books than bookshelves, with decorative items galore jammed in there — but I haven’t sorted through piles of papers, & there’s still the double glass cupboard & a couple of fabric cubes empty, . . .

. . . there are a few more changes brewing, . . .

of course.  😆

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle


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