CityScape Starts From Scraps [Project 28]

Well, thanks to Miss Mollie, my room-mate’s dog, I had to put the Squared Rainbow window on hold & start a new one.  The great porch protector does not like all this glass replacing the plastic — she needs a hole to jump out when the outdoor creatures are stirring.

She got caught pressing her nose against one of the three last plastic windows & within a couple days, her little hole was bigger & pieces were flapping in the wind.  So, another window from scraps was born:

Two side panels of CityScape window sit in frame [leaning on cabinet] awaiting larger middle panel.

The buildings for the middle panel are all cut — just one tricky corner to grind square-ish.  😉

Then I can finish off the sky using mostly clear glass with a couple pieces of clear textured mixed in for variety.

I should have the soldering for both sides done this evening.

Perfect timing to putty it & leave it overnight to set a bit.

As with the Squared Rainbow window, I made a coloured putty for CityScape — this time a pretty, lime-green from Jacquard’s Pearl Ex Pigment [dry] in 682 Duo Yellow-Green.

I got it from Opus Arts, along with a brighter blue & a sierra red.  I’ll probably end up with a rainbow of pigment colours.


Since CityScape has a lot of green & clear glass, I thought this lighter green would suit this window.

I love puttying a window & I love seeing it on the leaded windows when they’re installed.

I see the putty in corners & along the lead came.  Usually a whitish-cream or grey-black to match the lead, I think the bit of colour will be quite unusual.

Of course, over time putty turns greyish-black from weathering.  I’m sure the coloured putty will also be affected — but I’m hoping it’ll be quite a few years before it happens.

Any way it goes, I’m quite happy with my little colour experiment.

Now to finish the middle panel & install the whole window.

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle



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