Dowel Opening Windows [Project 26]

Number 5 window in place — only 4 more to go!

The newest window addition to the porch has two small panels that open by swiveling on wooden dowels set in the top & bottom frames.

My redneck carpenter, Reddie, wanted to make another window that could open without mechanical means [i.e. hinges] — this design uses wooden dowels that allow the pane to rotate

The main frame is made of 2″x4″s to fit the full opening in the porch.

Reddie drilled a hole in the bottom 2″x4″ to line up with a hole drilled at the mid-spot in the lower 1″x2″ frame of the pane.

A round wooden dowel connects the pane to its place in the larger frame — just snug enough to allow the pane to rotate almost 180°.

The bottom section installed — the yellow pane is screwed in place, while the clear & pink panes rotate on top & bottom wooden dowels.

Once Reddie ensured the frame fit the porch opening, I measured & cut the glass for the upper section [yes, they needed cleaning to remove all my fingerprints!].

Using measurements of the separate panes  [right], I assemble the top panel on my project table [left] — one routered 1″x2″ spacer separates each pane.

Reddie screwed the upper section in place, banished the old plastic frame to the garage, & we hefted this baby in place.  The fit is so snug, the whole unit only needs two screws to keep it in place.

I love the soft colours that this window adds to the neglected end of the porch.

It’s amazing how much the dreary end of the porch brightened up from the soft yellow & pink!  Perfect addition to my yellow start on the door & the very simple white & clear window Reddie had previously put up without my help [Glass-Smith cut the glass].

The two openers just need a little push to rotate to whatever angle I want.

I think the biggest problem with the design is there’s essentially three widths of 1″x2″s stretching across the centre.  But Reddie couldn’t groove the middle piece because the upper glass interfered with the dowel coming up from below.

Here’s an outside view of them open.

I love the little openers!  Since this window is across from the ‘front’ door of the trailer, these babies will provide some nice cross-ventilation in the summer.

A side view of the pink pane slightly open.

Now this end of the porch has two windows installed.

The last window may become a bump-out for our redneck dryer [natural gas converted to run on propane!] so that window[s] is up-in-the-air — I’ll probably make it[them] last.  For sure I want to use the ‘hidden’ door so the dryer IS going somewhere else!

And my porch collection grows so much I can’t get them all in the same photo.

Of course, now I want to paint the porch even more!  😆

Hmmm, first I need the $$ to buy the paint [already decided the colours] & then we need more days in a row like today — warm & dry.

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