One Simple Goal

I learned years ago [hmm, yeah, like 20] that no matter how strong I started out on New Year’s Day, I did not keep my resolutions.  And the same ones were on the list — year after year [like another 20!].  😦

So I started making goals — of course I was still a bit unrealistic — I made too many to be done in too short a time.

But, very, very slowly, I started achieving changes in my life.  When it was right — when I was ready, I baby-stepped my way through my list of goals.

For years [like 30], the number one — # 1 — goal on my list was to make stained glass windows using the lead came method.

Yes, 10 yrs in, I took my first course in stained glass using the copperfoil method.  😎

And I did a few — very few — projects for me & friends, cutting glass for windows & small boxes, but without a decent work space . . .

Then, after many big bumps & deep valleys, in December 2010, I made my first leaded window at Glass-Smith’s course in Victoria — yahoo!  😆

Throughout 2011, I enjoyed stretching my creativity in quite a few unique leaded stained glass & wood projects.  So, now I need a new number one goal.

Yup, I’ve got goals to increase my window production & try out some of the million ideas I have, & I have goals for improving this website, but for 2012, my number one goal is:

to encourage DIYers to use stained glass in projects

Now, I’m not talking about intricate projects using either the copperfoil or lead came methods — which require soldering.  And tools.  And space.  And . . .

I’m talking about beginner, maybe some intermediate, DIY projects that YOU can do.

Where you do your crafting or furniture refinishing or wood cutting or . . .

I’ve got a few ideas for tutorials — with materials, my cost, resources, & of course, pictures:

  1. Sliding Glass Shutters — including outside-frame & inside-frame types;
  2. Cutting Glass in Straight Lines;
  3. Lighting Stained Glass Projects;
  4. Using Lead Calm without Soldering;
  5. Modular Window Design;
  6. many other glass & wood DIY projects.

Of course, ‘to encourage’ is a nebulous goal — how would I know when I’ve attained it?  How can I measure success?

So, I will be nailing down a more concise plan on other measures beside the tutorials & projects.  And I think, for now, I’ll measure success by any increase in readership, followers, & comments.

And when I start seeing more projects using stained [or art] glass on sites I regularly visit, I’ll know my encouragement is showing more DIYers they CAN DO IT.

What do you think?

Are there any tutorials you’d like to see?

Do you have a glass project in mind for your home?

Would you like to make a set of sliding shutters for your window?

Thanks so much for any feedback you share — comments, Likes, following by email, Facebook Like — I truly appreciate it all!  😆

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle


** the busy bee graphic is courtesy of The Wizard of Draws, Jeff Bucchino, at

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