Concept Drawings

I can’t draw but I love sketching out ideas.

Practically every project starts as a rough sketch, using whatever writing instrument & paper that happens to be nearby at the moment of inspiration. Usually sans measurements, the very first sketch can be totally undiscernible for anyone else — but I’ve got the salient idea down for my brain to mull over.

First sketch for ‘Green Trees’ windows.

Concept drawings are not cast in stone — there’s a myriad of details to discover that will create change.

My next set of windows will be two stationary & two sliders — each about 11¾” wide.  But I realized that’s not wide enough to have two willow-type trees as above — thus that idea is put on hold for a wider window.

For the current window, I modified this idea for the scale drawing in Photoshop so there is only one tree with more defined branches:

First ‘Green Trees’ scale drawing.

The branches didn’t look realistic — too skinny at the ends — so they were widened, along with each main branch where it met the trunk.

I could now use this as a rough pattern.  I had an idea to use the wider ½” lead to outline the tree trunk for a heavier look compared to the usual ¼” thinner lead.  With the leaded edging & first piece in place, I could see this idea wasn’t quite what I wanted.

Pencil marks indicate approximate placing.

I did not use an exact pattern.  When I cut the pieces for the top branch, I found this angle fit the tightest & the second branch needed to be a little thicker.

Concept diagram is adapted as I work.

It was a similar scenario with the bottom branches:

Ends of bottom branches cut thicker than concept.

For the rolling pieces — representing grass — on the bottom, I marked some lines but more importantly, the placement of the green glass.

Each piece brings the window closer to completion — the concept into reality.  Project 17 — Green Trees will be revealed soon.

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Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle


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