Seeing Clear Through [Project 14]

With the arbor & porch lights, we have a magical entrance.  😎

Now that I’ve done a few glass projects with lots of bright colours — closet, headboard, shutters, & windows — it was time to do a window in mostly clear glass.

Our porch door is basically our front door & we wanted to be able to see through it when it was closed — plastic does not quite cut it.

Porch door with plastic for a window.

But I couldn’t simply put in a totally clear window — oh no, I added a little specialness with a couple of clear patterned glass in the border & four little corners of purple.

The ‘crackle’ glass has an iridescent glaze that shimmers quite nicely with the purple corners.  🙂

At $3.50 per square foot, the all-clear glass is definitely cheaper than the art glass at $7-10 sq. ft.  Still, I’m amazed at how pretty this window is.

Because the porch is so long [like 40 feet], I know it would look too busy to make each set of windows in various coloured designs.  So, the plan is to make every other set mostly clear like this one.

I also used zinc [rather than lead] for the edges — because this window was almost 3 feet tall it needed more support.  Being stronger, the zinc needed to be cut using the mitre saw, so we measured & fit it in with the wood frame before I started the glass part.

Now, I can’t wait to get started on the bottom half, the transom, & the side window to finish off the door entrance.  Then, of course, I really gotta paint the old wood — ah, still lots of nice weather to do that.  😉

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Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle

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