Double Mosaic Windows [Project 11]

So beautiful throughout the day.  😎

Inspired by the pictures from Window Mosaic Startup Looking Good, it didn’t take me long to finish the blue section & we had our first porch window hung.

Then, even more inspiration was provided whenever I walked by it, seeing it waiting for its mate, forced to stay closed because plastic still enclosed the whole space.

As with almost everything in life, creating the second window went smoother & quicker.

My cutting & leading skills improved so I didn’t have any cocoons lurking along my lead lines & there’s only one little spot in the blue section that’ll irk me [although no-one else will notice!].  😀

I like the contradictory juxtapositions in the design:

  • the cool colours of the blues & white with the hot colours of the reds & oranges;
  • the white pane with the multi-pieced sections;
  • the bright colours with the dark;

Outside, the brilliant colours are definitely the focal point:

You know this means I have to paint the outside now, eh?

The windows open on hinges to let the warm summer air & bright sunlight flow into the porch.  Oh yeah, and to check on the dogs playing [or sleeping] in the semi-enclosed yard.

For latching them shut, we got these burnished bronze babies from Lee Valley & installed them into drilled holes at the bottom:

We’ll wait until the winter winds arrive to see if they need a set at the top.  😦

Since I like the lion head pull rings in burnished copper from Rona so much in my closet, Reddie put these on for handles:

Wouldn’t it look so neat to see a whole row of these guys on all the windows along the porch?

Yup, I know the hardware is different metals — don’t get me started on how hard it is to find something I like [& can afford] for hinges, latches, knobs, handles, etc. ALL in the burnished copper.

The windows are definitely a beautiful addition to the porch,

but simply the first of at least EIGHT window pairs for the ultra-long porch:

Having these beauties installed adds fuel to my desire to create more beautiful windows.  First up — the main porch door:

That plastic has gotta go!  😛

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Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle

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