Glass Planters Shine [Project 10]

It all started with the corner bookcases  😛

After cutting all the shelves, Reddie [my redneck carpenter] ended up with quite a few [like, 28 or so] triangles of finished pine.  Ever since then, he’s been trying to come up with projects to use these little babies.

Since I also needed big outdoor planters, one of the first projects was this beautiful huge one where he added a triangle at each corner — perfect for holding stuff for the barbeque or someone’s cup.  Okay 4 down.

No, I wasn’t too sure how aesthetically pleasing it would look at first — but I quite like it now that it’s painted a pretty blue & is full of plants. 😆


Another couple triangles were attached to pointed stakes to make these cute little outdoor side tables.

Okay that’s 6 used — still 22 or so left.

Then he came up with this cool triangular planter on legs — like a top-heavy R2D2:

Of course, I painted it blue.

Which led to a shorter R2D2 with a bit of glass:

Even brown looks prettier with glass.

And that led to a prettier R2D2 with a lot more glass:

I love this “Golden Oak” stain — it gives the pine or spruce a nice overall glow while leaving a few brownish streaks which echo the darker knots.  Definitely prettier than the dark brown paint — previously our only exterior colour.

And I love the way the orange glass reflects on the grass.


I planted perennials so this planter will get better over time, with irises in the middle & low-growing Bearberry shrubs [arctostaphylos uva-ursi] at the ends — their spring-flowering branches can spill over the sides.

The planters used six triangles of pine & another couple were used for ‘demonstration purposes’ — so, hmm, only about 14 are left.  Any new ideas Reddie?  I do need lots of planters — how about a double-decker one?  Or a longer, triple-legged version?  Or . . .

Vanessa Dawne Studio of Design

Functional glass & wood art on Vancouver Isle

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