Window Mosaic Startup Looking Good [Project 11]

It’s quite exciting to see my latest project taking shape:

Continually inspiring me, the two glass sections are sitting in a living room window while my carpenter fits the cross sections in the wood frame.

I’ve started on the top section — using glass scraps of various shades of blue, along with some white & yellow, to make a more horizontal mosaic.  Using a few of the colours, I created a concept image in Photoshop with the blue section above — then added a flipped copy to represent the pair of windows we’ll be making.

The windows will swing out [one or both] with the hinges on the red sides.  We’re looking at a latch to close them in the middle & a swing bar to keep them from slamming shut.

I didn’t use a pattern for the mosaic — started with a couple larger scraps & then cut smaller pieces to fit into the space left between the smaller ¼” lead came.  Assembly was certainly a little different without a diagram to follow.

I quite like the design but am not too impressed with some of my cutting.  It required inserting little pieces of lead & more soldering which resulted in little cocoons in some areas.

But once puttied, dried, & cleaned with whiting, my little cocoons blend in nicely with the darker colours.

Onward & upward to the sky blues.

Vanessa Dawne

Custom work on Vancouver Island

Functional glass & wood art for all budgets

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