Creativity XXXVII — Spray Paint Sure Blossomed Over the Years

I’ve been in the paint department mega times — like a lot! — over the last 8 months or so, but somehow I always managed to bypass the spray paint aisle.

Or maybe I just wasn’t looking — because I am totally amazed at the selection of colours available in spray paint these days.  I’d been seeing a lot of nice colours on other sites but most of them are in the States — that doesn’t mean we get it here.

But wow, gone are the days of just primary colours black, red, blue, & maybe yellow.  There had to be 3-4 dozen colours to choose from — I picked up this pretty baby at Canadian Tire for only $5 [+ taxes + enviro fee].

It’s called Blue Ocean Breeze by Krylon & is a beautiful pale, not quite pastel, turquoise.  I was quite impressed at how well the paint covered, as well as how long the can lasted.

I started with long strokes around my favourite blue vase — now quite beaten by the weather.  The transformation was instantaneous!

Even with just one coat, the bottom part of the vase promised beauty for the indoors.  Preparation included wiping grunge away & spraying with mold-repellant — I wanted this beauty to last awhile.

I liked the aged look after a couple of very quick coats, so I left the vase to dry in the sun while I prepped my next projects.

A few minutes later, I lightly sprayed a few areas where ‘too much age’ was showing until quite pleased with the final effect.


Next came a ceramic pot for the outside — one quick coat almost covered the dark blue.

The spray can was just getting low — but I had plenty to finish another coat that fully covered any trace of the dark pot & the black wrought iron.

I was impressed.  So, when my room-mate’s dark stain on a huge planter for the front yard didn’t strike my fancy, I got a couple more cans of the Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze & beautified it.

After two good coats, some of the brown still seeps through but once planted with a few prennials, annuals, & summer vegetables, you hardly notice.


Ah, more incentive to explore some projects ideas for wood planters merged with a bit of stained glass.


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