Colour Change Bumps Elegance Level Up a Notch [Project 3]

I learned an important design lesson this week.  😮

It started last week when I went to Home Depot to pick up the one Martha Stewart fabric drawer in turquoise that I needed for my little bedroom unit.

But whoa, I turned the aisle corner & discovered Martha has two new colours — a rich red/burgundy & a neutral tan.

And I knew — absolutely knew it — these colours would go perfectly with my stained glass door in my closet.  But oh my, that meant changing 7 cubes at $7 each — plus tax.

I wasn’t happy with my current colours — that started last December when my stained glass window was installed & I’d just discovered these cubes.  That’s when I added turquoise to my colour scheme — but it simply didn’t suit the gold, yellow, & red of the window.

When a measuring error created another Continual Closet Change, I simply chose dark brown as the best of 6 colours to match the gold glass.  Again, I was adding another colour to the scheme.  Oooh, not so good — but it did enhance the stained glass window better.

Later, I would find Closet Maid Cubeicals© in colours — like ivory, grey, blue — closer to my scheme.  But they are also $1 more for each one . . . & I’m not sure they’re as sturdy . . . & I simply like the styling of Martha’s contrasting trim & handles better.

I hummed & hawed about changing them for over a week.  I tried to be reasonable — like maybe just change the blue to red & keep the dark brown or exchange the brown with the ivory cubes from the laundry area.  But no, I knew.

The brown is too dark for the gold glass — especially because that whole lower row is in the shadows of the bed.  The ivory would get filthy quite quickly — Lady often sleeps up against them.  [It’ll be bad enough with the tan.]

Even once I’d made the decision to bite the bullet & get the new colours, I still sat in the parking lot humming & hawing.  Do I really need to change them all?  Should I do all red down the middle or all tan across the bottom?

It came down to 4 vs. 3 –> which colour did I like more?

[I had a terrible time trying to get a decent picture without shading at the bottom so you could see the tan colour — with the exposure raised, the red colour lightened.  It’s actually less poppy & more deep — almost a burgundy but not quite.]

Now, I’m loving how the shelving cubes co-ordinate with the red glass in the door as well as an accent colour in my duvet cover.

The tan with the smaller units allows the gorgeous glass in these doors to be the focal point rather than the cubes.

Lady may be wondering what I’m doing but it was worth it.  I’m using the turquoise cubes in my project table while the dark brown are folded up — awaiting a decision on their fate.

This whole closet has been a design lesson in flexibility.  Now it has highlighted that if I have to compromise on an item until the ‘right’ one comes along, I can’t stray too far off the plan or colour scheme.  I need to make-do with a really inexpensive version or have a plan for where the first one can be used.


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