Exciting Finish Cutting Red [Project 7]

Yahoo — all the glass is cut!  😆

With a little incentive from cutting the blue glass for the second corner bookcase door on my new project table, I set upon cutting the last colour for my headboard panels — the gorgeous red with yellow streaks.

This time I was not using my usual cutting method — placing the glass over the pattern & setting the ruler by the lines seen underneath.  The red is too dark for me to see through & I don’t have a light table [has a light underneath a clear glass top] to help with that.

I was cutting with the paper pattern on top.  I had printed another copy & glued together just those areas around the red rays.  I cut out the two pieces between the black lines.  [There are special three-bladed scissors that remove the lines representing the lead for artists who use this method often.]

Because the yellow streaks that I wanted showing were on the rough side of the glass, I had to cut the pattern upside down on the other, smooth, side of the glass.  [Way more chance for misguided cuts on the rough side.]

I only had a small piece of red so I had to get all four rays cut from it.  All went well except one side that I had to use the groziers on.  Not the prettiest piece but I can smooth the edges using the grinder & it’ll slip into the lead cames no problem.

In the pictures below, the colours of the cut glass [left] are more realistic than the Photoshop rendering [right]:

[Yes, I changed the top border a bit.]  But the glass colours will look different when installed in the headboard.  First of all, there’s two layers of glass in the picture — only one in the finished panels.

Always, light will affect each piece & each colour — their reaction will determine how the panel appears throughout the day.  They will look different in artificial light than in sunlight.

The headboard will be against the blue walls of my bedroom.  This blue will affect all the colours but will especially show through the lighter ones — white/clear & yellow.  And in some parts of the yellow, mixed with the blue, it will appear green.

I’m really interested in seeing how the orange appears — it looks so red in all the pictures.  It was because of this that I moved it to the bottom triangles — my original plan was the red there & the orange above.

Now, it’s on to the assembly phase — inserting the glass into the lead cames. My favourite part. 😮

I need to grind a few pieces.  Since it’s too cold in the workshop [for the glass, not me] & I prefer to grind the pieces as I need them to fit into the lead, I’m setting up the grinder in the kitchen for now.  I’m using the cutting grid to form a backsplash — hopefully it will keep most of the water & almost all of the glass chips within the boundaries.

Creating the bed panel so far:

And so, my bed panel journey continues.


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