Double Corner Bookcases Expand Space [Project 6]

The triangular bookcases fill the corners — expanding the space visually as well as physically.

I was quite surprised when the first corner bookcase was installed — the whole room seemed to expand. Β So, I thought I was prepared for the effect when the second bookcase, in the other corner on the short wall, was put up.

But, woooh! Β I am more surprised than before. And, oh wow, the formerly dark & disappearing corner has suddenly come alive & again–unbelievably–the room seems even bigger.

My logical brain can understand how this was achieved:

  • the corner is more noticeable as a functioning part of the room –> the shadows of the corner are gone — it’s lighter from the pine & the added textures & colours of the books & decorative items
  • .
  • the tall bookcases seem to raise the low ceilings –> their height [4″ lower than the 7’6″ ceilings] & coloured glass doors at the top, pull your eye up to see more expanse of the wall
  • .
  • the corner design does not take up much space in the room –> they measure 18″ along the two walls of each corner
  • .
  • two tall units in both corners of the short wall appear to widen the room

BUT my brain cannot believe what my eyes are seeing.

It is indeed magical.

Poof, first one then the other, . . . huge bookcases in both corners yet they don’t seem to take up space — they seem to add to it.

The right-hand bookcase is shorter so it can sit on my room- mate’s desk but we kept the shelves at about the same height.

And, although I had to stash some away, I found room for most of my books — even allowed him to put some of his books there.

The best news?

My room-mate was so shamed into cleaning his messy desk, he actually let me put more organizers on it.


Of course, my favourite part is the stained glass door [hinges at bottom]. I had no problem cutting the beautiful turquoise & white panels.

We put a calcite knob on it in a similar shape as the one on the first bookcase. The little brass hinges are from Lee Valley. [I’m not too keen on them, but hey, a girl’s gotta give in sometime. πŸ˜‰ ] They’re not too bad — almost look like knots from a few feet away.

The next big step is the glass shutters for the window — ooooh, that’s going to cost a pretty penny so I have to save up. When I pick the other glass colours, I’ll also put a door on the bottom of the left, full-height bookcase.

A fun project will be rigging a stained glass light on the top of both bookcases. But that can wait for another day.

Simply exciting!   😎


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