Glass Project Table Up & Working [Project 8]


What a difference a little bit [well, quite a bit] of storage can do!  I finished painting the two base units, my room-mate took off the legs & apron off the kitchen table, . . . then poof, my glass project table was up.

First in were the glass sheets.  I absolutely love the colours sparkling in the unit facing the kitchen.  The longer sheets catch my eye when I walk by the side.

At 5 ft. long, the tabletop is plenty long enough for me to split it for different purposes.  Right now one part has my board & pattern with the cut glass for the bed panels.  The other side has the cutting grid on it.

Still working on organizing everything, I’ve got books & some storage boxes on the shelf unit facing the living room.  I’m going to put two ivory fabric cubes [yeah, I know, they’re everywhere in my place] on the bottom shelf.

Even with another bookcase with wire shelves, I still needed a bit more space, so I re-organized the wicker bookcase on the wall behind the table.

The good news is my tool basket has a spot for when I’m not using it on the table.  The bad news — I had to stash a few books away — hmmm, still need bookcases!

I’m quite pleased with how this project table turned out — amazingly similar to my SketchUp drawing.


My inspiration was the Pottery Barn Bedford Project Table Set.  I modified it to suit the old kitchen tabletop & allow for expansion with more base units.

In the next phase I’d like something like these beauties from PBTeen with a ledge between them for my laptop & a hutch above.

For now I’m fine with this setup.  I’ve already cut some glass on it & hey, no aching back.  😮

I did have some problems with the head on my glass cutter so I’m not sure if I need a new one.  But some way or another, I’m going to finish cutting the last colour [red] for my bed panels this weekend.  😀


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