Start of Bed Panels [Project 7]


I love modern technology!  Usually, printing a document that covers more than one page in Photoshop [Ps] can be a real pain — you have to ‘manually’ move each 8½” x 11″ section [minus printer borders] to its own page.  Eeek.

[Actually, it’s amazing to me that Ps can’t do this because we had this technology in word processors in the 1980s!]

But now, with Adobe Reader v. 10 [free], it will ’tile’ a PDF page [that I created from my Ps page] into the proper number of printer pages.  I also use the cross-hatch option to cut off the border & line up the pages.

Making the 60 cm x 40 cm [~ 24″ x 16″] patterns to cut & assemble the bed panels turned out to be relatively easy — Yabba-dabba-do!

[The tile option is only offered on Adobe Reader version 10 & higher — you may have to update your software at Adobe Download.]

Excited, I started right away on cutting the light blue glass pieces.  I’m using the kitchen table [with my new cutting grid] to cut.

Then I’ve got the other pattern on a piece of hardboard on my drafting table, where I assemble the cut pieces.  Because I’m making two exactly the same panels, I’m cutting two of everything & stacking them together — when it comes to assembly, I’ll use two patterns.

It didn’t take long to cut these few pieces & I even managed to get all of them out of my smallest sheet — so I still have a 1′ x 2′ sheet left.  Always nice!

I started with the dark blue but was beginning to realize my back was aching from the lower table.

[Of course, this only sent my brain off on another design change to my project table.]  I kept on cutting & was quite pleased to get about 1/3 of them finished — although there is one or two that need a little grinding.

I had to return to other mundane chores, like dishes, so everything sits waiting for me.  Later, I almost starting cutting again, but it was after midnight & that would be a silly time to start something — not that I haven’t done it before!  😉

I’ll carry on this weekend — but first, a visit with my grand-daughter.  😎


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