Headboard Glass Panel Pattern [Project 7]

😀  Ah, finally — I finished the pattern for my bed panels.  I call it Red Sun at Night.

This Photoshop [Ps] rendering does not do justice to the colours & flow of the stained glass.  To portray the glass colours, I copy the pieces from photos of the sheets of glass.  There are problems:

  • It is almost impossible to photograph the beauty of stained glass — that in itself is an art.  Unless the glass is totally opaque, whatever colour the sheet is leaning against comes through.

e.g. when the camera sees the yellow/white glass with the blue walls behind them, it ‘squashes’ the colours to come up with green — but when you see the 3D panel in actual light, the yellow is distinctly separate from the blue behind it.

  • The flash of a camera distorts how ‘real’ light shines through, or off, the glass.

e.g. the red glass shows up a lot brighter than in actuality — without a flash, it’s darker.  And no matter what, the yellow flow practically disappears within the overpowering red.

  • My pattern for the panel is scaled to its actual size, while the glass photos are smaller — thus, any flow patterns look larger than they actually are.
  • Since almost every piece has a pair, I simply use the same copy for the same colour & size — they appear to be mirror images of each other when each piece will be unique.  I will try to get the flow direction similar.

Of course I need to keep the background in mind when selecting glass.  The white iridescent has large stretches of clear & the blue wall will be seen through it [much like in the triangle pieces above, it appears to be beigey-yellow behind the white — that’s my workbench].

The blue glass worked out well on the pattern but placing the yellow, orange, & red was a big stumbling block.  The orange looks more like red while the red looks more like orange.

I tried switching a couple around in Ps but it wasn’t until I got the glass sheets out, in the light with the blue walls behind them, for me to get the combo in the order that flowed best.

The angle of the rays also proved challenging — until I used Π [pi] in my calculations.  Now I think they’re more balanced.

I took a head-on shot of the bed [not so easy considering how high the headboard posts are] & in Ps, placed the panels & fabric headboard in their approximate places [no, the flowers on the brocade are not that big — photo not at same scale — they’re about the size of the flowers on the dark blue pillow].

The two panels will sit in stained frames attached to the posts & the fabric section.  I really like how the light blue glass matches the wall — & that blue will be peeking through the white & yellow glass pieces.  So very exciting.  So, so cool.  😎

Now to print this multi-page pattern & make sure it’s taped together perfectly square [well, as close as I can get it].  Then, I can start cutting some blue glass tonight — maybe all the white.  Yahoo!  Like Yabba-dabba-doo Yahoo!


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